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We know Google took out a whole bunch of functionality from the new +Google Maps v7, like offline maps management (seeing which areas you have downloaded and deleting them), Latitude, and Labs.

But did anyone else notice the Traffic widget is gone too? +Artem Russakovskii is still in denial about this. Google Now does share a bit of the functionality, but it's not the same by far. Have you been using the Traffic widget and do you want to see it revamped instead of killed off?
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I'm in denial, but the wife is straight up hysterical, crying in the corner, refusing to go to work, and saying her life is over.
Yep. Tablet with 6.X has Traffic widget. Phone with 7.X does not.

Also, Directions & Navigation widget has been renamed to just Directions
Yura K
I always wondered, what that widget was for.... never used it.
+Android Police i am having a hard time finding "My Maps" and when I tried to access them from a link, it will pull up the area but my tabs are gone.

Have you dealt with this feature yet? 
It was a battery drain of the highest order
So is that where people sacked due to the Apple Maps fiasco join?
The navigation and maps app are now merged
+Yura K It was a continuously-updated widget between you and a specific address showing travel time and traffic status.  I used it for a few days but never saw any value in it, personally.  Though I can see how others might have found it of use.

Probably Google Now cards is what Google will declare replaces it.  They don't, really, but...
Yura K
Thanks +Nate Hoy. Here in Moscow the traffic is always red anyway :-D 
Could have something to do with the acquisition of Waze
I dont use any of the things they removed.  
The labs menu has gone. I used tbe larger text feature. 
Google now will keep track of your most used address ie. Home /work. And it shows alterative routes if your main route is heavy in traffic. Thats better than the traffic widget. IMO
Same info is part of NOW / search and it works much better.
I would give them more time to roll out before commenting. I did do a backup of the old version before upgrading. just in case.
Wait, there's a traffic widget? I haven't updated Maps yet so I'll have to check this out. 
I think the Google Now card is much more useful.  Also, it doesn't need to be configured.  Google always knows where you are going before you do. :)
We should also point out that only 4.1 + gets google now. So I can see why some users will be upset to see the traffic widget removed
+Tommy Nunno I agree. Google Now notified me the other day of a 10 min delay on my route home right before I left work. The Now card replaces the widget and if traffic is bad, Now sends out the notification which is more functionality IMO.
Maps is going downhill... this is ridiculous, and I have no doubt that offline caching still won't work in my area. sigh
I use the "Traffic" feature regularly. I'll be looking forward to the replacement... And there Will Be one as Waze made great use of it. Perhaps they're trying to tie in the social element from Waze but just not ready yet. Traffic is too important to not build it in. Still no update.
I use the traffic feature all the time, but I've never used the widget.
+Nagy Balázs András I agree with you that some of the feature removals are a big loss for those who used them all the time but the Maps app itself is by far the best it's been. All of the basic Map features are rock solid and the app makes them very easy to get to at the tip of your finger. Now I just hope they start to add back in the extra features!
+Terry Bartee The traffic feature of maps and navigation isn't going away - it's the Traffic widget that is.
+Ben Williams But you can't add custom locations, like, say, parents' house, and have a one-tap idea of how bad traffic is and how long it would take right on your home screen.
Google Now does this well enough.
Yura K
and Moto X will know where you are and where you are going O_O... and maybe which underwear you are wearing ... feeding all that info to NSA 
Thanks for the Great Updates! Very Useful y'all. Keep it up! btw... you look Great on Google Currents ☺
+Android Police I was playing with the new Directions widget. Isn't it pretty much the same thing except it doesn't have the live time and green/yellow/red light?

It still provides quick one-tap checking from the homescreen. Just not the at a glance time which I never trusted anyway and tapped to open the app to make sure the latest data had been pulled in.
+Ben Williams Ah, now we're getting somewhere. So they renamed it and let you finally do navigation with 1 tap. Fantastic. This might be just as good or better than the old widget actually. Thanks.
Yura K
Yeah, big thumbs up to +Android Police for interacting with fans! Verge is just ignorant, while others are nowhere around.
I don't like that the "route preview" isn't transparent and you can't see the traffic under it... Sigh... 
No public transport navigation = uninstall updates time. 
What I noticed is that map scrolling performance is significantly worse, despite the fact that the app is fast enough in overall.
Yes, I'm with +Ross Byrne the removal of navigation mode for public transport is a massive exclusion for those of us who live in places like London, where most people don't drive.
+Ben Williams I too have a Nexus 4. Moving around the map was super smooth in the previous version. Frame rate dropped significantly after the update. The app, the drawer etc. are fast and great and all, moving around the map not any more. I have a nexus 7 as well and this is even more apparent there.
We need to look for a Google Maps alternative 
I'm lamenting the death of Latitude... I found it useful integrated with Maps, or a semi separate app as it used to be... not stuck with a less functional replacement on G+ :-( I guess I'll start exploring 3rd party solutions.
I never use Google+ or any of the widgets. I guess this is just Google's way to get more Google+ users. Apple Maps failed too.
Everyone is already a g+ user, moving the social mapping into the app makes sense from a social network pov. Would be good to have both. 
Sorry Ross, everyone may be a G+ user but not everyone uses or wants to use G+. Subtle but important difference. 
Best get that refund then eh? 
I'd like to see your receipt. 
Ya, people are like 'whatever it was free, get over it' until it's a feature, service or function they love and rely on that gets dropped and replaced with something less useful. I'm starting to worry about the future of Google Voice now.
Google Voice is to be replaced with hangouts. :-D 
I really, really like and used this widget all the time. I would PAY to get it back! One touch and I knew what to expect driving-wise.
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