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One question for the form I am having trouble finding the "Url to your re-share on Google Plus" I cant seem to find the timestamp
+Farhan M It should be the time you shared the post. So, on your post after your name there should be a time, right click it and copy the link address
Thank you for the international love. We appreciate it :-)
Oooo .... pretty ... AWESOME!!! Oh Santa - I love you.
Shared! Sweet... I see you have a "Hangout" button next to your "Share!" Let me go brush my hair...
Yay! Just what I asked Santa for this Christmas... (and thx for including us the international bunch, appreciated!)
andoid pwns my friend rubs his in my face all the time
Will it be a Merry Christmas for me? :-)
what if you've participated in several of these already, and follow already on Twitter, Facebook and G+?
this is the most disgusting of spam! Don't know how you guys can buy into it.
cool Samsung dominates with Android
+Ricky Supriyadi : you gotta need to read their terms, our country (i assume you come from Indonesia as well) is not listed on the eligible country list
2128 : 1 odds not bad :)
when u got 1.000.000 : 1 odds that is bad
+Ricky Supriyadi that is already expected, as far as i know, most of Indonesian are like you. they don't read terms or in smaller case, they don't read "readme.txt"
wow, you are absolutely right. how do u know that?
what? see i even don't bother to read who you are lol
don't need that stupid bird or even learn about the bird.
google wave was do more excellent job :( until they shut it down.
btw how do u count "likes" and "tweets" google have re-share counts and ripples, do they?
well actually i should, before asking "how do u know that?" (10:30 AM)
GALAXY TAB has a high return rate. Why do people want to pay more for a crappy product that is lacking in apps and other functions compared to he iPad.
still How much time remaining:
This time it's mine... all mine , my precious:-)
I think Christmas Deals opens now
no Twitter i'm not that interesting or so sad i think i am. Why advertise on GOOGLE+ if it requires TWITTER go talk to the birds instead. Hope it's not a con for those who have completed only to find themselves sold on to horrific marketing companies.
also why only available to usa? isn't that racist or something? i always thought there was a law against competitions being secretarial...... :oS
Finally we in Europe have change of winning something! Engadget and their stupid competition rules...
Best of luck to all who've entered!
Ok, i already circled "Android Police" and now i shared this. Wheres my tablet? ^^
Does Google+ have a filter to delete all post with "for you chance to win" Or do i have to delete my account like i did with Facebook?
This isn't just spam, this is viral spam, because to enter you have to propagate this.
discussed this post in a hangout.
james p
Fantastic giveaeay!
1 in 3211 chance..not bad odds xD
Residents of the State of Rhode Island in the United States, the Province of Quebec in Canada, or Queensland, Victoria, or the Australian Capital Territory in Australia are ineligible for participation in this Contest. All applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. There is no cost to enter or win. Offer void where prohibited.
Very generous of AP to arrange such giveaways for international users too. Thank you AP.
see my gmail acount you should see the funny stuff
This would be an awesome Xmas/birthday present (yes, both on the same day :P )
awesome giveaway!!! would love a chance to win ;+)
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