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If I don't win this, I think I'm going to buy it anyway...
+Stanley Dimant Im with you but hey you never know, +Patrick Scott you should go ahead and buy one. I bought mine earlier this month and haven't regretted it yet. The keyboard truly allows me to replace carrying around my laptop.
The previous winner hasn't been chosen yet - I'll sort through everything tomorrow or tonight.
+Bill Chase It's for real!! AndroidPolice/Nvidia have done a few of these already. Great to have a [almost] no strings attached competition for once!
Shared, thanks for the giveaway :)
Shared, can't wait to get my hands on this
I actually found this feed thanks to the last contest. Great way to get the word out and really enjoying being more in-tune with the world of Android!
+Stanley Dimant the bad part is that you can barely even find it at a retail chain to try before you buy. I took a chance and I'm glad I did. You add the physical keyboard with Swiftkey X and you have got the best tablet out there IMO
I need me one of those!
Thanks in advance for picking me! ;)
only america :( why no love fora asia wanna wn too!
I have been waiting for this thing since I saw it last year. I want this freaking tablet. I just hope we can get ICS on it.
Very cool... I have a few Asus products and they have been very solid performers.
wicked! i do like ASUS products, i have 2, very reliable
Cool... Just signed up, never win anything in whole life, so no big deal...
consider this my message.

Overall rating
holy dang ... my bad on saying america only .... its worldwide! woohoo..... I hope to win one of these .... built a system for my uncle with Asus Maximus Gene Z and an i5 2500k....its cool!
woot! ..done everything mentioned on the page ..good luck everyone :)
james p
Thanks for the giveaway!
My colleague was just robbed. He had packed up his entire house getting ready to move to the States. Five men with guns came in and stole everything. He even lost his clothes and his wedding rings! I want this for him!
Thank you for doing this! Looking forward to to hearing from you!
K, I wanna win this by doing nothing, yes please !
Looks like a damn nice tablet! Thanks for arranging this! :) 
And wait, there are TWO! We still have hope!
+Fred Lyuber The winners haven't been announced yet. That'll happen later today. ಠ_ಠ
OK, I give you permission to dream. ;')
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