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The legacy menu button of shame plus Gingerbread-style menu - what the hell are you doing, +Lenovo?

The Yoga tablet has some nice ideas for usability but this is just embarrassing. +Ashton Kutcher, the Lenovo engineer, gets an F.

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It looks like a Mead composition book like the ones all our teachers made us get for labs and projects. hiss -Ara
It's not as bad as on the G2
i love lenovo but they should go stock android
MIUI has the same menu on their home screen
I'd still use the menu button. Its easier if its down there than having to search the whole screen for one. Though that launcher is horrible. Same goes to the design. That's just my opinion, though. 
After taking over 2 months to repair my yoga 13, I will no longer buy lenovo!
Great hardware they just have no clue when it comes to UI
I was actually planning to get a yoga tablet when they start offering tradein in the upcoming it fair.. Really like the hardware design.. Holding back to see how the eventual firmware upgrade goes. 
...and yet Samsung's physical, dedicated Gingerbread menu, which its launcher and nearly every TouchWiz app actually uses, is considered okay by the masses...
i dont get it. is it the 3 dots button or what?
They should just put a Commodore 64 interface on it. Lol
Chinese innovation is worth a sack of crap . Pure and simple. 
+Chris Pugh that was ages ago... And I think Samsung still pushing this means they don't have a sense of innovation either. 
Well no +Hanif Halimi. The three dots is the standard that was introduced in ICS. That's the way it's supposed to be done these days.  The way the menu is laid out in that picture looks like something from Gingerbread if not older than that. It's awful. Android has evolved way beyond that aesthetically speaking.
Am I the only one that's not shocked that Kutcher and the rest of the Lenovo Goof Troop put out a piece of junk?? 
Yup, that was the only thing that puts me off from buying it. That handle/battery is a nice idea though. Easier to hold with more battery juice to boot.
It amazes me that these tablet manufacturers do not realise that vanilla android will have greater appeal over a half-baked android skin
For those who don't know, the reason why it's a "menu button of shame" is because Jelly Bean got rid of it on the main screen.  The only buttons on the bottom are the "Back" "Home" and the "Recent Apps" buttons.
Oh man... I love the hashtag :P
+Mario Valenzuela II it never was on homescreen, even in 4.0. And menu buttons location (or existance) is developers choice: if he/she decides, that app request that button from OS, it is shown on the bottom, next to back-home-app switch. If it is part of app UI, it is there, where developer decides to put it. Usually - on top right corner. 
I do prefer that menu button down below... 
The menu button of shame is called that because it signifies the fact you've targeted a lower version of android than 4.0 (3.0 really). You can set the target SDK to android 4, and still make an app that's compatible with older versions. If you do, the system will decide based on the os version, whether to add a menu to the menu button (for gingerbread and earlier) or to add an action bar. The shameful thing, is that they released a tablet running 4.X, but didn't even update a launcher designed to run on 2.X. 
Chris M
Just because Google does something, it doesnt make it right. Googles UI is just their opinion, its not THE standard.
There's a difference between doing something outside of the guidelines because you think it works better for your app, and just not bothering to target the latest API version. It's just sloppy. I also think most designers agree that the action bar is much better than the old menu button.
Chris M
Design is in the eye of the beholder. Many people slate Touchwiz, but it has a very Asian aesthetic. Some people just prefer doing things a different way, be it personal choice or cultural, many seem to forget that.

Maybe they didnt target the latest API because they prefer the old one?
Chris M
+Rich Court
Scoff all you like, but I have been hearing exactly that from people. To many people Googles latest design is stark, bland and very western orientated.

Newer isnt always better, ask those who hate iOS 7..
Lenovo simply sucks at tablets and Android devices. Like HP. 
How dare you imply +Ashton Kutcher is uncool. He just did it to make old school Android cool again. You are not the target audience. The MTV generation will get it!
+Christoph Münch I dunno, the Slatebook X2 ticked all the boxes for me... except the poor display (1920x1200 panel but iffy colours), no GPS, and that apparent battery drain issue.

That said, the HP Slate 7 was a joke.
Although it's kinda ugly I don't see why is that a big problem
You do not understand: it is RETRO DESIGN! :D
Okay, I have seen that menu button many times on many devices including stock android. It depends on the app. There is nothing so extremely bad about it. 
Is it just me, or does the UI look like MIUI.
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