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"One other great addition: if you long-press and drag an app icon on the home screen or in the app drawer, a bar of icons appears at the top. Most notably, on the left is a button for more info. Drag the app to the info icon and it will take you directly to the app's info page usually found under Manage Applications in settings. If you've ever needed to force stop, or clear the data/cache from an app, this is a welcome addition as it makes finding this page much, much easier."

Hey guys, that's part of the stock Android 4.0 launcher. :)
2nd attempt succeed no more '503' :) its on TFT not Amoled duhhhh
"The device uses Samsung's proprietary connector for charging and data transfer"Oh no! Not another proprietary connector!
Why don't they use the standard connector Apple uses?
lol, nothing Apple uses is standard.
Yeah +Shiful CWA I know. I don't appreciate someone telling me that they know what I like and want. Lots are fine with that I guess but not this boy!
What worries me about Samsung is their infrequent OS updates. If they come they're usually quite late.
Nice but as usual, Samsung dumped their Tab 10.1 users. No sign of ICS while all new tablets have it. Typical Samsung. No ICS for the 10.1 or the SGS2 phone. Caveat Emptor...
Eh +Bruno Haineault ICS is around for the SGS2. Leaked builds have been around since Dec. Decent ones since Feb, official as of this month, though they haven't hit all network providers/countries yet.
SGS2 ICS rom is pretty buggy :-/
+Tim Kermode I don't find it that buggy?. Actually in comparison with the Nexus-S ICS rom (especially the 4.0.3 build) it was LOADS more stable...

One bug I've hit has been wifi getting stuck when toggling. That's the main one that's come to mind. I'm currently running with the Siyah kernel which purports to perhaps fix that issue. Too early to say for sure
I want a Nexus tablet. Maybe it can have a WiFi-only version so that no carriers get to tarnish the brand by removing functionality and adding bloatware.
dorio x
Waiting for 7in asus tegra3 ICS
+Abdul Kahar Kamaly I hear that a lot but then I read the xda thread or the rom thread on xda and there's always something that doesn't work quite right (usually the damn camera) and I rapidly lose interest.
That and there are a couple of things I do like on the Samsung stock rom which would be lost, such as the video player.

To see what the fuss is about I installed the latest CM rom on my Desire. Not bad at all, nice and fast but unlike pretty much any other rom it doesn't come with app2SD+ in fact i'm pretty sure it uses even more internal space than the stock rom, that just means more messing around on my end to make the phone usable again.

+Nigel Jones The wifi one is a big one, and an obvious one that should have never gone to release.
There's also the changes to the touch screen sensitivity, it's just not as good as it was on Gingerbread. (make some very small movements on both roms and you'll see what I mean)

But my favourite.. by a long way.. is the completely broken storage management. Some apps just can't see the internal memory properly any more. If you haven't come across this then you are VERY lucky because I estimate that around 20% of my apps cannot be installed/updated (you get an insufficient storage error) without first unmounting the SD Card and it's just frustrating.
+Tim Kermode visit the link below which will take you to the sgs2 cm9 Rom that I'm referring to. In fact, almost everything is working now including video camera and for the video player the MX Player is a better alternative from the Play store. It plays almost all video types and the quality on it is second to none. The ROM however is still pre beta and personally I think its better than the official stock rom. It also delivers the purest ICS experience you will get on the sgs2.
The thing I like about the Samsung video player as it's all built in with hardware supported codecs and the pretend 5.1
Third party video players just don't handle videos so well in my experience (more so the high bitrate/high resolution stuff)
I'll have a look though ;-)

Just tried it out, seems to play everything I have in h/w mode :-)

Nigel Jones <-- The problem is that the SGS2 version we have here @Tmobile USA uses a different chipset and stable ROMs are rare. As for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, no news from Samsung yet all new tabs have ICS. It's economics... If they release ICS for this tab they will cut into theyr sales of new tabs. Hence no updates for now. Also, updates do not bring any new $$$ to Samsung. I am certain that Sammie (and others) hate the Android concept of updates. They prefer the old model of "buy, use, dump", then "buy again, use and dump" where they make money. Updates generate expenses and no revenu. Beans counters don't quantify "good will" (sigh)
Ah +Bruno Haineault yes I'm aware of the variations, just hadn't considered that in my response. We're fortunate in the UK in usually getting regular "international" versions which tend to sell in the most numbers and thus have the best support.

I know some of those SGS2s like Tmob are totally different - no Exynos, so totally different roms etc. I think the AT&T one is closer (or is) the international one.

But the concern over buy/use/dump - I'm with you. Apple do manage this better. I thought windows phone was - though the W8 update is now not going to be supported on most older phones..
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