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I think I am a Hexage fanboy. I love pretty much everything this developer makes!
This and Sentinel 3 are my favorite tower defense games. I bought the packs just because I love supporting a dev that makes a well rounded product, that just works.
I still want a version of Desktop Tower Defence, where you get to build your own arena as you go, rather than just place units along a predetermined path. There's a couple games like that but they all lack in other ways.
It works quite happily and snappily on my TouchPad running CM9.

I also have to say how nice it is to see a great game like this come out for Android first, especially when the developers also have an established iOS presence as well. I won't be buying any of the enhancements on my iPad, it's too nice on Android.
such an awesome game. i support it so much i have wasted the last 4 hours of my life and bought all the upgrades. keep doing your amazing thing hexage!
i have finished mission 6. you will find a lot of help in your recups and gas gun as well as flame thrower will bring a heap of damage. also the tesla array really gets those shields down with help of the lazers.
dont forget to make the paths long and depending on your style, get a lot of forces together or spread them out. oh and buy alll the extras. they help a crap ton.
this game is totally worth the 4 dollars that it costs for the extras
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