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35 comments browser ever.
I know they are using the ICS people as testers here but it would be really nice to see this go back to 2.3 at least if not 2.2
Its only for 4.0+ because Other Versions of Android do not support Hardware Acceleration...
just downloaded it for my xoom! where's that ICS for my bionic? i'd be giddy as a schoolgirl!
Just installed on my #Xoom ! Was wondering when this would happen.
That's it, I can't wait any longer, I need CM9 ics now, I've been jonesing for Chrome on Android for forever
No flash support.....FAIL!
We got to remember its a beta. Give it a chance. It is already really good imagine when it comes out of beta.
Awesome!!! Like greased lightning. Lovin it!!!
Does it do gestures like dolphin browser? Don't think I could live without that
Synchronizing open tabs from desktop to mobile is the fucking bomb.
i was a little annoyed that it didn't support flash but then i realized that i don't remember the last time i needed to use a site with flash on it
Ahh, yeah, Motorola get off your ass and upgrade the Bionic to 4.0
Ryan D
Wow this flies on my Transformer Prime. YouTube streams perfectly on this browser although flash is not widely supported. Pretty dam good for a beta 
Im not nearly as impressed as others. No desktop mode\uastring. The quick controls in the default browser are actually much faster when it comes to moving back and forward. In all reality the default ics browser is better in every way.... which is odd because it only runs on ics. Ahh well.
This is awesome, but the oversight is the lack of extensions/userscripts.
I'll have to stick with Dolphin while this is not yet supported in older android versions.
Crashes on every page for me, CM9 on SGS2!
Works lovely on my Touchpad though...
UA strings, and I'll be happy. Otherwise, it really does feel like Chrome. Love it!
Is there a way to view the browsing history? Would be odd if that's missing.
Very cool! Very fast on ICS passion!
So now with chrome, i can access my sms from airdroid in my browser, from my phone. Nice
Stock ICS browser wins with Flash and Desktop Websites on the tablet.
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