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yup... facebook can actually make something semi pretty...
the one & only thing i want from this, is a really easy way to block more of their garbage apps! :)
How do I access Facebook App Center from Google+? ;)
Do I have to block this or will it not spam me?
the ONE THING this is good for, is an easy, obvious place to find a block button, when yet another garbage, spammy app is posted by a friend to your feed, or appears as an invite, and i just found out, they have made it very easy to find that button too! w00t!
I was in the fb app and it prompted me to update the app. Didn't get a notification from the Play Store, but that's how I updated it. Not seeing anything yet, but the app itself seems more stable. Anyone else see an update?
+Jason Small i don't use the FB app, cuz i got tired of instability & general performance BS. i use Friendcaster, which is a beautiful app, that, while not perfect, is HOW THE FB APP SHOULD BE!
Facebook has plenty of time and money to spend (waste) creating garbage like this yet the Facebook for Android app is still a piece of shit... to put it nicely.

What's worse is a thirdparty can create a Facebook app better then Facebook themselves. Looks at Friendcaster.
+Christopher Fink freaking tell me about it. Twitter's own app? Finally smooth as silk. G+? Fast and slick for a relatively new service. Fb has been ugly and slow since the eclair days. I put up with it because I don't use it much.
I had an update waiting in the play store. I uninstalled it.
i don't need facebook to find my best apps i already have google :P
It recommends the best apps for the user, or the best apps for them? Apps that most efficiently mine your information and invade your privacy?
Doesn't matter, I haven't been on F***book for 6 months.
Oh hai.. More spam for everyone..
(wonders if anyone posts articles about Google+ on Facebook)
+Jay Litten I take every opportunity to educate my friends on FB how G+ is immensely better..
+Prem Suraj Honestly, sir ... I'd like most of those FB dweebs to stay at FB.  That's just me, though.  :)
No one really gets that they aren't even on the same level at all. I love how Google+ is set up and how much easier it is to interact with people through truly public posts.
Indeed. Facebook has always been about cliques whereas Google+ is a real community that doesn't require an invite.  Love G+!
I prefer Google+ over Facebook, as it has the best bits of Facebook & Twitter rolled into 1. Long posts like facebook with threaded comments without any of the crap that Facebook brings and none of that stupid if you follow person x you'll instantly gain 10k followers crap that just leads to your timeline getting spammed with the ability to set who a post is broadcast to from your list of Circles or public without having to look for the little privacy icon on the post composition screen. But I'm stuck with both Facebook & G+ because I can't get my family members on Facebook to switch to G+.
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