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One lucky person will win a DROID BIONIC from Android Police and Android StackExchange on September 10th for doing close to nothing. I hope that person will be me.

Update: The folks at Android Stack Exchange decided to also throw in the Bionic lapdock, HD docking station, and Webtop adapter into the giveaway!

See the link to enter.
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Paul P.
buuuh only US^^
Free phone!.... for US residents only?? how about something for only us loyal CANADIAN followers. sorta getting annoyed being left out all the time. well at least I know I wont win this contest...
sorry to rant Art, but it does get frustrating
+Paul Pyzik +Jeff Roloson This phone will only work in the U.S., hence the U.S. giveaway. We try to make giveaways available worldwide when we can - this time, it's not the case.
Update: The folks @ Android Stack Exchange decided to throw in the Bionic lapdock, HD docking station, and Webtop adapter into the giveaway!
Paul P.
ok thx for the information
ugh I just noticed US only - but to be fair this is the first competition in a month or so that has been US only (that I have seen)...
I've never needed a piece of electronics more than I need this device right now.
Been waiting forever for this item, why not go for a win!
Even though its locked down its one great piece of hardware. Id love to add it to my devices
I would love to have it.. but I guess I couldnt use it where I live.. :(
Best... giveaway... ever....
I feel so jipped. Heard that this was not going to come out so settled for the X2, huge mistake. Not enough RAM so it freezes and crashes. Now this releases 3 months after the rumor that the project was scrapped. FML
Yet another awesome giveaway. Thanks, Android Police and Android StackExchange! This is the real Thunderbolt battery fix ;-)
Hope I win - Love my DroidX, but it's getting old.
then do a sgs 2 giveaway or something that more people can participate in jerks
Free Droid Bionic would be a perfect 24th wedding anniversary gift. Wish everyone good luck! ;)
+travis moser Why would more people want to participate in jerks? That's just gross. Also, I don't like you, so bye.
I see on the form that it wants my Fb page is private, so my URL won't show the that a problem?
+Mariel Massoglia We don't need a repost on Facebook, just a like of AP's FB page. There are methods of determining whether a person likes a page using their API.
I'm pretty excited about this giveaway. The fact that giving away a Bionic is possible is pretty awesome. :)
I love my Samsung Fascinate, but I'm ready for 4G! Thanks for giving us all a chance!
the other way to get an additional entry is to "like" the post? What about +1? :(
+Ian Huey Nowhere does it say you can enter by liking the post. Or by using a +1.
Under step 1, the third way to enter

AND/ORLike the AndroidPolice fan page on Facebook. There is no need to leave a comment to enter, so if you're already following both, proceed to step 2 below.

Sorry not the post, the fan page :P
It shouldn't say "both" - that I need to fix, but yeah, just like the page - liking posts for entry is actually against FB's TOS, as we found out the hard way.
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