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Confession: I owned the Digimon rip-off of one of these things, but never the original.
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The Digimon one was awesome! If they had a Digimon version that allowed NFC battles, I'd be all over it!
+Nathan Nommensen Admittedly, a large part of the reason I liked them was because you could battle them. I understood the concept of virtual pets, but they always seemed too demanding for me. Digimon knew their place. :P
+Eric Ravenscraft Yeah they did! I tried to buy one on ebay a couple months ago, and those Digimon things are going for $80 a pop!

Also, I've had the Tamagotchi app installed for 3 hours now and it's beep about 7 times. Nostalgia at its finest?
+Eric Ravenscraft My patience is already wearing thin...if I can make it a week without turning off notifications I'll consider it a victory!
I had the original and I loved it. Too bad this app isn't available in my country. :-(
I still have a series 1 Tamagotchi, that I occasionally come across, while digging through a parts drawer a think, "I could put a new battery in this..."

Then I put it back and forget about it. 
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