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So, erm, +Google+. You might want to fix this...
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OMG that's why my device says "not supported" I looked at it and went O_o
Nice to see, that I'm not the only one seeing this. Samsung Galaxy S3 here.
They might be rolling it out slowly...
I was wondering why I havent got the update. :D What is funny is, that it is compatible to my Motorola Defy, but not my Nexus 4. :D
Ouch. That is seeming to be a common oversight for them lately... Very similar to the missing tablet permissions on Hangouts.
Surely they are still uploading the various apks for the various versions/devices
+Ross Nicoll If this is a side effect of how the new staged rollouts work, then Google needs to go back to the drawing board.
Cc +Vic Gundotra +Reto Meier pls don't kill off google plus yet lads (lolz)
Whoever hit the "publish to play store" button, needs a refresher course me thinks lmao.. 
+Ross Nicoll that's for sure. Thaty why I did still see the old version about one hour ago. But it should not tell you that your Phone is incompatible...
Maybe they have interns working the uploads. :P
+Quirijn Groot Bluemink That's not how this should work. Uploading new versions of multi-apk should not set the whole app as incompatible for everyone in the meantime.
I was able to install it on my lowly Galaxy Y. Maybe it's not (yet) for highend units. :D
So that's why it didnt work.. I was wondering why it wasnt letting me update!!
This is obviously their way of apologizing to all the people on Gingerbread who had to watch iOS users get Google Now before them... 
Seems to be an issue of Google gradually rolling out an update, people putting it up on social media, and people going into a frenzy.

The impatience shown during this and the release of Hangouts has been staggering and baffling. 
Thanks, we are aware of this issue and looking into it.
someone with a G1, install it an pull the apk lol
there should be a way to download apk files directly from google play, I've seen a link or two directly to the apk before, any ideas?
That's awesome... I have my HTC Dream here and I got the update XDD
Thing is, how did this get through their own system? Pretty basic stuff...
says its compatible with my old shifty. booting it up now.
whats the best way to pull from a unrooted device?
This phone so slow google may have the issue fixed bout time i pull it.
if I'm right, apk won't help if it is manifest file problem.
If anything, they could show a message like "Update coming soon" instead, if it is a gradually releasing thing. This way people are aware that it is in that form factor; otherwise they will think something is wrong. We all know though from +Vic Gundotra that this issue is with the manifest file.
Yeah. I just downloaded and it crashes on my One. :-\ works great on my shift! Lol

Sorry guys. I tried
It's completely gone on my apps list on my HTC One within the play store. I assume fixes are in order.
Seems if it's pulled from older devices, it FCs on our devices. Still looking and waiting. But our best bet is to be patient =b
It's completely missing from my apps list in the Play Store & when searching the Play Store, using SG SIII Mini. 
Live for me now on my N4 and N10!
Or everybody could just wait for the automatic update instead of forcing the issue... Sheesh
This just means that the update hasn't finished rolling out. 
+Artem Russakovskii I hear you.  Like I said, I think +Google TV has amazing potential, I was just really let down by that device.  Hoping that new device found in the FCC filings is the +Nexus +Google TV we've all been waiting for!
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