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To bad they've limited the device compatablity list to devices I don't own or use any more. +Gameloft Please allow this game to be compatible with the SGS2 on all carriers today before your sale is finished for the day. I'm glad its in the Android Market at least, but you're missing the mark by not doing it right the first time.
yup, verizon Xperia Play gets the shaft on games that are even available directly from Gameloft. This one just isn't available for us at all.
can't buy it even on market if you don't have a compatible device.
also viewing it on market shows not valid for this device.
This games VERY well on my Touchpad. I was pleasantly surprised since MC2 and most of the other $0.99 games run poorly or not at all. I'm reading in the Android market comments that even though you pay for the game, you still have to pay more inside the game (via in app purchasing) for more content/options? Pay now/pay later?
I just looked on the market and it still shows $6.99.
Okay I don't know what is going on but it changed to .99 after I clicked it again. Got it now, thanks.
Got it!!.. It looks like I'll be stuck with it if I don't like it coz its taken 30 mins so far to download 486mb of the 788mb needed to run the game.. so the 15 min window of refund is... well.. gone.. Oh well.. It's only a buck!.. Besides if I get a tablet "One that doesn't have an encrypted Bootloader".. I'll have something Sweet to rockthe clock with!..

They currently don't support any tablets yet, do they?
Anyone else having problems with MC3 repeatedly checking license? Happening on my Xoom with 4.0.3 but now with Galaxy Nexus
They don't support the Asus Transformer yet
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