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THIS is how you win a Wikipedia edit war. Thanks to all the contributing Googlers. <3
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The ultimate geek level is knowing what a wikipedia edit war is.... Thankfully I don't know ;)
It's as if a thousand repressed basement-dwellers cried out "Original Research!" at once, and then fell silent...
excellent reporting guys!
There's a typo in the ending list of the article:
"Android 1.1 - Petite Four" => "Android 1.1 - Petit Four"
I hope they use "Not iPhone" for 'N'. That will clear up a lot of confusion Apple seems to think consumers have. Its almost like Apple is calling consumers too stupid to know the difference.. hmm.
I'm waiting for P for Pavlova. Mmmm Pavlova, the nicest of all the desserts...
Just a small clarification -- the early code name was Astro Boy, not Astro.  The plan was to use code names that were fictional robots, and we were going to do them in alphabetical order.  As things went on, plans changed, and those milestones were modified, and at some point we ended up with 1.1 being Petit Four because our PM liked tasty treats.  We then went with that, but went back to doing them in alphabetical order.
Thanks +Dianne Hackborn! I'll fix that add a quote to the bottom. If anything else needs correcting just let me know. =)
Ron Amadeo left out the lower case "i", after receiving a letter from The Apple Legal team, claiming they own the patents for that letter now.
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