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Looks like it could be useful.
Hey, I've met the creators of this app! They're based in my hometown. Cool. (Pensacola FL)
Busy single gal, this would definitely be a time saver. 
Had it for a long time and as the Daddy that does the shopping, this has been the BEST app I have ever purchased. Love it! Good luck all.
I need it because one of these days I'll be shopping for more than ramen, and I'm not sure I can handle that on my own.
It's hard to make a case for "needing" the app, but I really really want it. I use the regular app all the time, and it is awesome. I'd love to be able to synchronize and share common lists with my family. It makes grocery shopping, and other shopping so much better. To be able to tell them to throw something on the list and they whip out their phone, add it, and it shows up on the shared list on my phone would be so cool. The improved efficiencies and convenience is what the power of mobile computing is all about. I get it. I use it. I live it. Pretty please?
because its left to me to remember everything when my wife and I go shopping. so when if I was to get this app, it would help me have extra kudos and allow me to get more apps ;)
Everything related to shopping for, organizing and cataloging your pantry is made easier with Out of Milk, and the list sharing option makes shopping a snap when there's more than one shopper in the house.
Im a single dad with full custody of a 2 year old, fulltime student studying elem ed, and I work parttime. I'm pretty forgetful and every little bit helps. Plus without list the two of us are pretty much reduced to eating pb & j every night so please help me out. I have been an avid fan of you guys site since like April of 2010.
It will really help to organize all the things I have to do on my day, and life
Lovely. Milky milky (UK 90's Throwback Comment)
Whenever I shop, I forget what I go shopping for, see something else, and have that "Ooo. Shiny!" type of moment. Then I have no clue why I bought what I did and don't have what I needed. Maybe this would help prevent that.
PS: These shopping trips are generally expensive :-(
I would love to have a copy of Out of Milk, I used HandyShopper for years on my Palm, I so miss the organization a good program brings, trying to keep track of all those little scraps of paper really stinks! :)
This app will be the bomb for getting the groceries in order!!!
Single guy here. With me working a rotating 12 hour shift, I hate wasting my precious time to rest up going back to the grocery store to pick up something that I forgot when I was there 15 minutes earlier. This apps looks really promising!
My wife and I both have this app. We paid for the pro version because we can team grocery shop more effectively. The sync is super fast. So she crosses something off and it's almost instantly gone from my list as well. One of you does have to share your list with the other and then you both have to only use the shared list. The to-do list isn't fantastic, but it's better than google tasks which, amazingly can't be shared easily.
I could use it because the chances of me remembering when to get something for the pantry is slim to none. Just yesterday, I...was out of milk.
Since having my stroke last year, I tend to forget things easily, to the point of "Why am I here?".
I need Out of Milk because I'm starting to suspect that expired cabbage and ketchup sandwiches aren't that healthy, and I don't go outside without a plan.
I go to the field for months at a time.... like now i'm going to Yuma... when i get back ...Out of Milk would help me keep track of all I need for my house no matter how long i'm gone for..
Every time my wife goes to the grocery store she always forgets several things she has to have. If I have "Out of Milk" I'll be able to give her a list and save the constant running back to the store for things that have been forgotten. In other words - I would use "Out of Milk" to PLAN AHEAD !
we have a fairly big family and this woud be a big help getting us organized. thanks for this opportunity.
I hate my impulse purchases. With this, I can plan what I need throughout the week and then go to the grocery store to get exactly what I need and save money.
I'm a student, I need to remember how many beers I should buy for the upcoming game on TV ;-)
Looks like this app could have saved dinner the other day, when I did not realize we were out of soy sauce. I shop at several different stores in one day in order to supply my family with groceries for just about a full month at a time. This would help me organize which store and what items I am in need of. I write a list and still seem to forget items. Great idea!
I use the free one quite often....but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the pro would SO healp me get organized and maybe not buy more than needed of stuff!! Please pick me!!
Just brought home a new baby girl and will need help remembering to buy diapers and formula in sleep deprived state
Very cool - I love to cook and this helps keep track of all the ingredients!
I'd LOVE to have this app. My friend and I are going through the motions of opening a tea shop, as she already has a bakery, and this would be the icing on the cake (pun intended?) to help us with our weekly baking experiments. Not to mention it being handy for my usual shopping, too. :)
I inevitably forget one single thing that I've been thinking about getting forever or am out of that would make am eal. And being a bachelor, I'm the "shop for everything but not often" type, so it tends to be a while before I get a chance again (which increases the odds of forgetting again!). This would be awesome -- already getting the free version thanks to you guys.
I have my grocery shopping planned out using Excel. If there's anyone who fits the target audience for this app, I would be it.
I just got in trouble today from my wife... for never writing down what we are out of. This would save our family a lot of trouble. I have two growing boys who eat like there's no tomorrow, but are too lazy to write down what we need. Plus they always leave the empty containers and boxes lying about.
This app sounds like a great way to let me know what and how much of an item is in the pantry. Working in the school district I am always looking for ways to spend in a thrifty manner to maximize my paycheck.
SOS,I need this App because My wife make me crazy with all this thiny grocery lists some time I have 4 to 5 tiny paper yellow,Blue,Green stick to the deposit envelope for the Bank accounts,to letters for the Mail,ect.
The grocery app I am currently using doesn't recognize bar codes of store brand (ie Kroger or Ralph's) products. Would love one that does!
I don't even have money to buy groceries!
Forget the singles who don't appreciate their single life and whinge about grocery shopping being hard. Try going shopping with 3 kids all under 6 years old. You must plan the trip carefully to never go through same isle twice and avoid the sweets isle until the end. We need this app to maximise our shopping efficiency and minimise time wasted. Thank you. 
I plan great meals then miss one or two things at the store, I either end up going back or wait until the next day on the way home from my 1.5 hour commute to work... I could use the help getting it all done in one trip, there by saving me in time and fuel that I so so need to make it to work..
I love my Out of Milk app. I have been using it for quite a bit now, and all I would be lost without the auto adjustments. Between my college courses, two toddlers, and a people always seeming to slot themselves in for dinner at my house... this app has kept me sane. It's a must have for those who are cabinet space challenged-- put everything in once, which my 5-year-old and myself had a blast doing, and I have yet had to make an impromptu store run for chili beans "I thought I had 4, not 2 cans left" since. I am not big on having tons of apps, however I would recommend this one as a mainstay for anyone who cooks one the reg.
I might use it... never mind, my wife does the grocery shopping.
I really need Out of Milk for organizing my food-related tasks

My wife goes to the Supermarket and brings everything but what we need back and theres my reason
Because I just love it. I love the name, I love the graphics (that circle stain is such a classy touch), I love how it separates spices from groceries, but the essentials idea is just awesome. I love its perfect balance between features and ease of use. And most of all I love the web management and sharing option: as somebody who lives with three friends with common groceries, having your list always up to date or even getting it updated live while at the supermarket makes it the ultimate shopping list app.
Oh, and an add to the original statement above-- I would love to upgrade to the version where when the boyfriend eats the last of my cereal or cookies he can add it from his pc/phone so I have it on my list... no more damn excuses. XD
I'd like to have Out of Milk cause I'm going to start studying New Media soon, have a one-eyed kitten who I picked off the street, going to have to deal between two or more apartments because my folks just split up, and recently I've started working out after a long period of not doing so. Oh and there's the little thing of getting my own place, a girlfriend and A JOB.
So during all this happening, maybe having some way to keep track of the groceries will make me eat more healthy and less snacks as sides to my beer :)
Thank you in any case, AP.
Love your work, it's one of the reasons I got an Android and not some iCrap lol
Actually, being able to consolidate my lists and recipes and emails to my phone would be so much more efficient than my current method of ...wait for it......................... Pen and paper. :-)
This is the first time I'm living away from my folks and I'm a grad student living with 3 other guys (who each use plenty of the refrigerator for themselves). Buying the stuff is half the battle and cooking and cleaning the other half and it'd do me a great deal of good if this app could help me with organizing my shopping list each week and saving me money / helping me buy only what I need to buy.

Plus it'd help even more that my roommate's dog can't eat a DIGITAL list :P

Help me live people! (and I mean without having to eat just HoHos all my educational life :( )
We run out of milk a lot. I'd like a copy!
I need one copy because my pantry is a mess, you'd be surprised how many different spices you need for good chinese food!
Two teenagers. One wife. One sadistic cat.
I have all that... two cats and one dog. And am unemployed homemaker. I win.
Seriously a Doctor.. begging for a free app. Come on now.
saving for a house. this will help keep me on budget. plus everything is better when it is free
I'm generally not an organized person, so this would really help me out.
Husband cooks and I have no idea what is in the pantry. I come home with everything I like, never mind my kid or hubby.
I've been using Upvise since they had a version for my Blackberry 8300. They do shopping lists and a pretty decent RSS reader, you can update everything on the web or on your phone, and it's all free. Plus they have iPhone/iPod, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian versions that all look and work about the same. Not the sexiest of applications, but it does get the job done pretty nicely.
I do all the shopping and my wife makes strange requests. Syncing is a must have.
I'm a first time mom trying to save money and time. I started using coupons recently to save money but I keep forgetting to use them all or at all. I keep misplacing or losing my shopping lists or needing to rescue them from my 11 month old. This is an amazing app and it will help me get organized and thus save money. I love the idea of being able to make multiple lists. The scanning feature... AMAZING!!! especially when you are trying to juggle a baby on one arm, phone on-hand and a million other things. I love the fact that it can be synchronized and the online support/access. This app would be a life-saver!!!!
I need this cause I just moved in with my girlfriend and this app will help greatly in keeping her off my back when it comes to grocery shopping
I work at grocery store what better way to see what this app is really made of.
Play by play typical moments at the grocery store while my wife is at home...

Wife's phone: ring, ring, ring...
Wife: Hello?
Me: Hey, do you want mild or hot salsa?
Wife: Hot
Me: Ok, see you soon.

2-3 minutes later...
Wife's phone: ring, ring, ring...
Wife: What now?
Me: Do you want jam, preserves, or jelly?
Wife: jam
Me: Ok, thanks, see you soon.

2-3 minutes later...
Wife's phone: ring, ring, ring...
Wife: Seriously, can I get a break here???
Me: Sorry! I just wasn't sure what else you said we needed...
Wife: Milk! How hard is it to remember milk? It's why I sent you to the store in the first place!
Me: I'm sorry, you send me to the store and I don't have a list. I can't help that I have a short memory!
Wife: Whatever. See you soon, goodbye!

a few more minutes later...
Wife's phone: ring, ring, ring...
Wife: Ok, I really can't send you to do anything can I?
Me: No, not without a good shopping list app for my android device(s), and there aren't any that are good - until now. Maybe I can win that free lifetime subscription to that Out of Milk app for my phone or tablet and we won't have this problem any more!
Wife: Yeah, well you better or else I'll have to find someone to replace you and send them to the store instead!
Me: Yeah, yeah, now is there anything I'm missing (repeating items in cart)
Wife: Yes, you forgot to get me some chocolate, and if you come home without that, you'll definitely be sleeping on the couch tonight!

So please, hook me up so I can end the misery of going grocery shopping after a long day at work!
So, I'm a father of two and a husband that runs just about EVERY aspect of our home. I fix things, I improve things, I design things. I do most the shopping and the cooking. I keep us stocked on diapers, wipes, paper towels, tp, and anything else you can imagine.

I tend to my girls inn the evenings from 4 on while my wife works. In that time, I must run all the necessary errands, etc. Having a reliable shopping list would serve to ease my hectic flow. Thanks for giving me the chance to win the app.
My wife and I could really use an app like this. We live 14 miles from town and must be organized about both creating and sharing lists for multiple stores. We often either both buy the same items or forget them. Out of Milk looks great for our needs. 
ju lf
Please help me save my marriage! And phone bills. And half made receipts. And running out of toilet paper. 
been working for the past 3 and half years with absolute zero saving [ thanks to my gadget addiction]!!!! this would surely help me!!!!
It gives me an excuse to play with my Droid while grocery shopping. Now my wife can't complain when I have it out (at least in the grocery store). Great free app, I'd love to try the paid version.
I've been living alone since I was 18, and getting my life organized is something I do everyday thanks to my glorious Nexus One. Having a great app that could contribute to that is essential to my mental sanity!
Why do I want a license for Out of Milk? So that the next time a hurricane rolls around, I'll remember the essentials -- "milk, eggs, bread, toilet paper, beer" -- faster than the 200 others who are panic-stricken at the grocery store with me.
Recently appointed "Man of the House" and "Chief of Pantry" by my fiancee. Apparently some of the job scopes involve getting groceries, making sure the pantry stays stocked and making sure whatever ingredients she needs, she gets (on a daily basis). Problem is, I have an incredibly selective memory. And her temper can be as fiery as her Buffalo Wings. Nuff said.

But you can help me out... Perform a good deed today, spare this man a license for the Out of Milk app.
Q: Why do you need "Out of Milk"?
A: Because I am really out of milk, and I want a bowl of cereal... ;-)
It sucks going all the way to the store and forgetting what you wanted as soon as you step inside. Please help and grant me one of those licenses!!
Out of milk? That would not happen if you used Out Of Milk!
It's ALWAYS me that have to do the shopping, and every time I get a call to add something new to the list. OR I have forgotten what my fiancee told me to buy. This would make it SO MUCH EASIER if she is able to add items online wherever she is! And don't get me started on all the shopping notes haha.
Great app guys!
Marco W
While doing the shopping I tend to forget at least half of the stuff I need or want to buy. I usually have to go again after returning home, because suddenly I remember what I forgot (if I'm lucky just right after walking through the door, if not at some point during the cooking). Thing is, I often do write shopping lists, but then forget or loose them.
Since I have my phone on me wherever I go a decent shopping list would just be the thing. (As long as I don't forget the phone...)
I can figure in sales tax too? Will it cook for me? Who cares SIGN ME UP
Need it cause I'm Out of Milk; which means I can't eat my granola, which means I won't get my fibre, which means I will end up in on the toilet longer, which means I will lose a few more minutes from a day, which means less time spent wandering outside, which means no time to explore meadows, which means less chance of spotting a cow...a cow which will remind me to get Out of Milk. Get me out of this paradox.
I am actually commenting for my Parents (both have Android hand sets, but still a bit novice) who have been trying out the app and find it perfect for their needs for shopping and for keeping up with their super amount of "dooms day" stock pile of food and such.
If you've ever come home after being so sweet as to buy everything on your family shopping list only to find your partner has so sweetly purchased all the items on your shopping list too, you need this app. We all have the free version installed on our Android phones. We'd really LOVE to enable syncing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can we have a license?
W kazdymr azie bardzo fajna - szczegolnie z portalem
This is a great app but last update seems to no longer allow deletion of checked items. Appears you must delete all or none. I often don't get everything on my list and need to clear the items I purchased but keep the items not purchased.
Am i missing something?!? If not please fix. 
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