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I don't think we ever needed confirmation that Sprint was getting one. lol
Damn straight! Now let me pre-order, Sprint!
4 out of 4 :D no excuses for anyone NOT to have one of these
Chances are I won't have one. Don't have an issue with Samsung so much as I can't stand the build quality. But... Those specs look sick! I might hold off and get some post-release reviews before anything.
Breaking: don't give a damn about "Pentile" or whatever. I'm upgrading from a godforsaken BlackBerry Curve from 2009. Just about anything looks better.
Sprint will probably re-brand it the Epic LTE Touch.
Haha, nobody can even tell if it's pentile or not just by looking at it. If you're saying that's the excuse for not getting it, chances are you made up your mind well before you heard about it.
+Drew Nusser True. Never was a fan of Samsungs pentile displays to begin with, but SLCD2 beats S-AMOLED in overall quality in my opinion. Also don't like the fact that Sammy didn't put the best of their best displays on it. And cheap plastic build quality has always been the major downfall of their phones.
Fair points, +CJ Porras but consider my perspective. While I don't like that they actually downgraded the display from their Galaxy S II (I saw my friend's S II last year and was in complete awe at how vibrant and gorgeous it was), I'm coming from an awful BlackBerry. In addition, I could care less about the build quality since I am getting a case for it as soon as I purchase it.
Just once I'd like to see a post about a Samsung device that didn't turn into a "cheap plastic" rant. Let's just ignore the fact that the vast majority of smartphones are plastic.
Argh, I meant to say "couldn't care less." I absolutely hate when people say that and now I'm guilty of it.
Just give me Tmobile and Exynos! I beg them lol
+Samuel R Yes, do yourself a big favor and get off of that BlackBerry lol. But I suggest taking a look at the EVO 4G LTE. Better build quality, better display (IMO), and kickstand... a motherf#$%ing kickstand...
+Michael Erickson but it just doesn't feel good! Like it doesn't even feel like a premium plastic. I was almost sold on the Galaxy Note, ready to jump ship from Sprint, till I touched it's backside. I don't know, it was just a real big turn off for me.
Their cheap plastic Epic Touch, (my wife's) got accidentally hit by her friend, skidded across two tables across the classroom floor, out the door, across the sidewalk... No case..... Not even a scratch no joke, you can't even tell it happened, I looked the phone over and still needed verification from her friend that hit it...

Say what you want about "cheap plastic build" but I don't know another phone that would hold up like that...

I love Sammy's "cheap plastic" build.
+CJ Porras I KNOW. Both my brother and father have the original EVO 4G with its effing awesome kickstand and from what they say about the 4G LTE, it has a spanking awesome display that will make you shed tears of joy.

I'm no newbie in terms of Android (have a Transformer TF101) but I've been dying for a new phone. But the design of the 4G LTE is ugly as all hell. Plus, I'm intrigued by the software features of the SIII.

To be honest, if the Galaxy Note were available for Sprint I would've just gotten that and called it a day. But since it looks like it won't be coming to the carrier, I'm "settling" for the SIII.
+Samuel R yeah, the EVO 4G LTE looks nowhere near as good as the One X, but on the plus side it has actual aluminum backing, though I feel like such a hypocrite for ranting about Sammy's cheap plastic, even though the EVO 4G LTE has the top plastic removable cover. It disappoints me, but I've gotten used to the EVO's look.
+CJ Porras never meant to infer you were wrong or anything, I mean, if you don't like it, you don't like it, to each his own... Just wanted to point out that there are some upsides to how Sammy has built their phones....

Gawd, I hate to keep referring to these things as phones, they're more like personal computers ;-)
As for the new EVO... the convenience of that kick stand can be a little understated... Before her Epic Touch my wife had an EVO 3D, and before that she was "sampling" an EVO 4G, the EVO had the kick stand, when she got the EVO 3D, man she missed that thing.... I wish more devices would come with them, especially with them getting bigger and better screens, you, well I, tend to watch more and more videos/tv shows on there...
The real question is.. will it remain a quad core smartphone when it get the the US carriers??? If they dummy it down like the others (HTC One X) I will not be interested in getting it. If I am going to upgrade, it will be from my dual core to a quad core phone.
always the case when the phone goes to the UK.. they always gets the best phones design and spec wise .. we get the watered dried out versions even though they did give the epic 4g touch to sprint which is still the best phone I've ever had.. i was spoiled by that exynos processor (smooth like butter).. i think the enynos and a gig of ram should be standard for all android phones going forward.. Android gets beat up and talked about so much because of all the low end smart phones with older versions of android in which android app developers have to keep adjusting to.
+D. Brown This blog post ( indicates that the T-Mobile version might be the only US variant to get the quad core processor. The reason they all don't get it has to do with cramming a quad core processor AND an LTE radio into such a small space

EDIT: Looks like TMO is going to release a model without LTE first (
If more OEM's and devs contributed to the AOSP source tree then adjusting wouldn't be such a hard thing to do. Just saying, its open sourced for more than just being free.
+Kendall Cabrera I'm afraid that if I try to +1 that any harder my finger is going to go straight through this gorilla glass...
If it goes through, sue Corning, because they will have then lied about the strength of their fortified glass. "It's a flexible glass that is only strong at the very center! Drop tests performed on the corners are not authorized!"
+Kendall Cabrera I don't think I have a case... Gorilla glass has is strengths but is seriously over powered by the validity of your statement... ;-)

Oddly enough Sony has been getting praises by the AOSP team for doing just as you said... For that reason alone, I have become interested in what Sony is doing with their devices... Can't wait to see what comes of it...
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