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Where's the minus1 button? The app isn't available in my country (Denmark) :-(
no tablet UI or even landscape mode =[ is it really that hard to add that?
anyway i love the daily show so i hope they make the app suck less.
+Britta Pedersen there is no -1 button probably because users like yourself would abuse it since the availability isn't the posters fault but that of the developer who publish the app and restricted access to countries and devices
+Russell Walker the issues isn't difficulty but the fact is the majority of Androids market is on Gingerbread aka 2.3 and while 4.0 will allow you to make way better apps with all kind of animations and transitions its only on a small 3% of phones so majority rules here.

When 4.0 adaption starts to pickup and more devices are running it then we will see some magic until then most apps if at all that exist today offer no gpu acceleration or are direct iPhone ports and run like crap
+Anthony Garrett Well, look at it this way. I read a post which tells me that there's an app available. I take the trouble to go to the app site, scan the code to take me to google 'playpen' only to be told that I cannot have it because I'm from the wrong country. That's a dissapointment and I have wasted my time. So contrary to what the poster says this app is in fact not available! There must be quite a few 'users like myself', and in fact I did go to the developers' site to comment on the unavailability.
Never mind... Too many apps on my phone anyway.
+Britta Pedersen I can understand that but the poster notifies its readers when its live and being based in the US of course individuals would have to check there region because the developer has the final say. Time wasted on something that your interested in isn't what I call wasted time, its more disappointing than anything also it doesn't take that long to open up an app and scan a code but then again everyone uses there devices differently.
After a good nights' sleep I realise that life will go on even without this particular app ;o)
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