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The same ugly TouchWiz. And this "inspired by nature" crap is hilarious. A glossy plastic body has nothing to do with nature. Galaxy Note was something different, this is a slightly upgraded SII, and the whole voice command crap is clearly "inspired by ...iPhone".
+Erik Wagner : Siri was inspired by Google Voice. All voice command systems are inspired by Star Trek.
I wont buy it before cm9 comes out for it
+Tomi Golob Don't buy it at all. 80% of the features on the stock build won't be available on CM9/AOSP. Setting yourself up for disappointment.
The display is a letdown...also too huge. However since the device is so thin,i understand why they made a compromise and didnt putt sAMOLED+ since all sAMOLED displays are extreme battery hogs. I hope the image quality will be good though. No external sd card slot as far as i know... that isnt very great and pulling off the cover to insert a sd card is not much "natural" ,pun intended. Im still a sgs1 user so this would be a great upgrade for me but if i owned a sgs2,i wouldnt bother getting sgs3. If the price will be okay i will buy it. If not,sgs2 for me...or when Galaxy Nexus' battery life will get a serious improvement ,ill get a Galaxy Nexus. Either case,i want cm9 on this thing :)
+Nathan Andrews well i wasnt planning to buy it now...i always wait a couple of months before i upgrade after years of use of a previous device :) thanks for the warning though.
"infused with human emotion." pooo.
I love my Galaxy Nexus, but I hate this marketing smut.
I'm disappointed with the AMOLED displays... they burn out too quickly, especially from pressure (fingers) and heat (battery, CPU, GPU)

I have a dark spot on my screen after 1 year right where the CPU and unlock slider are at
+Nathan Andrews Also,i still have my trusty SGS1 with CM9 running on it :) my only phone atm... now im considering buying sgs2 or Galaxy Nexus (if the latter has a much much better battery life with cm9)
I wish people would stop griping about the display. There is no SAMOLED HD+ screen out there on any device, so it's like saying "I'm disappointed the display doesn't fart unicorns", they both have an equal chance of being included in the build at this point. If even a POC had been shown of the HD+ screen, then MAYBE there would be grounds for a complaint/disappointment.

Fact of the matter is, 100% of normal people (and 99% of people who use a jewelers loupe to look at their phone screen) won't notice or care about the difference between HD and HD+. The overall pixel density (and goes without saying on the subpixel density) is too high for most to notice and any to care (outside of pedantics who will hate pentile just because it's called pentile, even though Samsung is the one doing it right (RGBG vs Motorola's abortion of RGBW)).

Anyway. I'm disappointed that we don't have a firm US (particularly VZW LTE) release date, and it smacks of carrier interference, which is 90% of the problem with the US cellular market.
+Tomi Golob I was just speaking to the software side of it. Any CM9 build is going to be lacking most of the software features. Unless there's something amazingly goofy with the hardware, I'd expect to see CM9 builds as soon as next month.
+Daniel Bentley my sgs1 never had this problem...and i had two of them ( one fell in the water... brand new,yes i was pissed off at that time ;)) ). I hate samoled not for that but how much battery drain they produce...really sucks. Great displays though
+kai kai I know... the more squarish look of the dummy case was nicer, right? and the physical buttons at the bottom completely defeat Android 4's new experience
I'll wait for the S4, I hope that one will scratch my back and cook my food! That would be really smart. (And a new feature: measure fart smell).
+Nathan Andrews well yes,that is obvious... im not a noob with cm :)
also,why r u pissed at people when they speak out their opinion? I dont think your agressiveness will make them think otherwise :) i didnt see anyone here saying they want sAMOLED+ HD or whatever so badly.
You can stop reading opinions and you wont have to conjure any more justifications for Samsung...also it seems like your opinion should be the only one that counts. And that is rude :) sorry man,just saying
Personally I find it funny when companies call 720p "HD" in the first place without quantifying it. 1080p an 720p are both HD, so which HD are they talking about? HD+ isn't a thing, I don't know who's bass ackward term that is, but it's not an official term and is pretty meaningless.

Regardless, a phone even at 4.8" you're just not going to see enough of the 1080p vs the 720p to bother with the added cost and battery drain of 1080p with normal use. About the only time you might see a difference is if you do pixel art, lol
+Tomi Golob I get upset because a huge portion of people speaking out against the pentile are just doing so because they need SOMETHING to gripe about. Anything over 300ppi (effective) is going to be unnoticed by the vast majority of people. The truth of it is, you have to see it yourself before you can pass judgement, and people are already griping about it with absolutely zero experience. And using the GNex's screen is additionally an unfair comparison, since it's an older generation and different process (4.65" vs 4.8") which will yield a different viewing experience.

As for white-knighting Samsung, I'm far from that type of person. I've owned far too many Samsung devices, and unless the GS-III blows me away when I get my hands on it, I'll be picking up the RAZR HD (unless they screw up and put a horrendous RGBW screen on it, but I'd still have to evaluate it personally before I said one way or another).
+Nathan Andrews okay then :) but noone here said anything like that though... it is true i always thought it ridiculous about pixel density thing - an average human eye cant make the difference ,that is true.
+Nathan Andrews oh if u mean how people say that in general,not here on this post,then yes...still i wouldnt get so much involved if i were u. It is punishment enough for such people that they r ingorant. And if u dont get upset,u will live longer hehe... but seriously though,i understand what you mean
I hope the pentile AMOLED drains less battery. However as i said,i understand their compromise since the phone is so thin. 
A pentile big screen like the Galaxy Nexus, so the only difference between the Nexus and this one is that this one supports MicroSD and has a better cpu.

So no i will not trade in my S2 to a S3, i don't miss any cpu power on my S2 currently, the bigger resolution is nice (but i do think i find it a bit to big but i have to hold it, but i find the nexus already slightly to big, S2 is perfect)
This design looks like cheap metro pcs prepaid phone. Samsung u blew it design team should be hang till death.
+rajan nakarmi Wouldnt express it that harsh, but yeah its not my taste. One X more likely, but the X has no removeable battery :(
Yeah,i will probably get me a SGS2 ...or maybe the Galaxy Nexus but the battery life is horrible. SGS2 for me almost 80% :) sgs1 that i currently use is getting a bit cranky in its old age
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