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Not showing up in mine. I am rooted, does it matter?
No sign of it here yet (in Au with international import). No doubt it'll trickle down soon enough though.
if you live in australia and i dont think it will update from region where firmware come from. if try update from oversea till it in australia version will give you update it for you.

my mobile is import international version too i have learn one thing kies on pc keep say something about firmware. not able something. once australia version got release note and i had change to australia firmware and ah big different my kies now say it is lastest version and will allow me update it when it come.
I am going to spend rest of the day 'checking updates'.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think purely being rooted will exclude your device from getting an update.
no idea mine is unlock and i use offiacal firmware and not root at all i use sammobile web use offical firmware all country region
pick correct firmware for australia
Hurry up and release the update for T-Mobile galaxy s2!!!!!
+Marcus Lee if your stock rooted then no but more than likely you've flashed a custom ROM so that would stop you from getting it until your reverted back to stock or waited for a ROK based off the update
+Anthony Garrett Thanks, that's what I thought. I don't have the Note myself, though my girlfriend does.

And btw, I think there are lots of people who root but don't necessarily flash a custom ROM. Just getting root access and allowing su rights for apps like Titanium Backup and Adfree is great already, imho.
ah that why i use offical firmware when i got mine it was poland firmware and got change to australia firmware and still offical stock version.
that why i install one app that require be rooted for calibration pen on note for save config.
now i am not sure once rooted and can unrooted it or require wipe and redo it back to stock to be back as stock firmware?
i am not going do that so as long ics is on way soon cant wait :)
I have a Samsung Nexus S on ICS (4.0.4) and it tells me it has an update for me. I can upgrade to ICS 4.0.4.
Just some bug fixes and if your on 4.0.4 it probably changed the codename slightly
I think most sgs2 is evwrywhere only way use kies or mobile ota update so u have to try
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