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Everyone's talking about Cluzee as a Siri competitor today. If only it didn't have more 1-star than all other ratings combined...
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Worked for me but it was extremely slow. Anyone know the Devs? Will they be updating anytime soon?
Sid B
There are so many apps which are supposed to siri's competitor like iris,speaktoit,voice actions,assistant.Some of them were good,most of them are bad,but not as advanced as siri.
The Market says that it's not compatible with all my devices; Nexus One, Asus TF, & G2x.
Not compatible with the slew of my devices. Nexus One, Iconia Tab, Galaxy Tab, and S7 Tablet. SSSOOOOO?????
Give "jeannie"(voice actionis) a try. that one seems to be the best one i know of so far.
OK, so here is the deal. Cluzee is slow to start also if you replace your long search press it doesn't start listening (how weird is that?) also there is no setup. you have a ton of setting you MUST set before using it but it won't tell you that. The user experience is really bad. And what's worse if you say something that cluzee doesn't understand the program crashes. I'm still learning android development (student) but I in general you need to catch errors like that. This seems like a really half-assed app to me. Oh and don't get me started on how the settings wont save if you go from one tab to the other >_<
There should be a voice control app called Majel.
Speaktoit does everything I need it to do.

It's not as good as siri, but I can say "get directions to 123 hippo lane" and it'll open up maps and plop that address in the "to" field.
If all you need is directions why not just use the Google search, tap the microphone and say "navigate to (your destination)"
If only it was available/ visible in the Market.
It kept force closing on me. Now I'm back to using speaktoit assistant.
try voice actions and let me know what you think.
The devs have little incentive to improve the app now there are so many bad reviews to recover from. I wonder how many reported the problems to the devs before reaching for the "1 Star" button. It worked fine for me. No force closes but not something I would find useful.
looks like they put out an update. the update does make it more stable but it doesn't really keep it from breaking 100% of the time I think the rate of crashing goes from 75% of the time down to 20% while it's a significant drop it's still lacking. Also why do I have to select talk after I hold down the search button. I cannot use this app till they make it auto search when I click the search button. Also it takes so long to start up. >_<
I guess what I dont understand is how so many of us Android users bash Siri and say its "gimmicky" and not really useful then people in the dev community go to work tooth and nail to copy it and people rush in to download it...... The same way Apple fans talk down on notifications and then praise them when they get it on the iphone. Funny to me
true, I don't find that siri does anything that much different than Voice on android BUT I will say it's nice to have the phone respond to you. that's probably where a lot of this comes from not the commands but the responses
If you want an aternitive to siri download speaktoit assistent it has a great rating
I was disappointed with this app. It didn't bring any additional features I have seen on existing Siri alternatives.

So far the best Siri alternatives on Android I have used are:

1)Eva Intern\ivan

Acts more like Siri.

I particularly like that as soon as you speak to it it displays a list of words/phrases it thinks you asked in case the voice recognition didn't work to well.

2)Voice actions

Seems to have loads of commands and functionality but has a very basic interface

3) Speaktoit Assistant

Seems to be more intelligent and acts more like an assistant in its look and feel and way it replies to your questions.
I installed it this morning and there's already an update. It works okay for me (LG Esteem). Not sure if it's the best but it does function.
yeah I mentioned that earlier. it makes it a tad bit more stable but this app just made me download speak to it. It's so much better
While the force closes are bad enough this app inserts advertising into your other apps. I can open Google maps and latitude and there are no ads. If i tell cluzee to open a map there is an ad across the top for becoming a dog trainer. Uninstalled.
I tried it out it's actually not that bad it didn't force close on me at all I'm on an HTC Thunderbolt with Skyraider 1.3
See here is the the game about ads. I don't see a problem with them. The developers has to make money somehow. This is a free app afterall.
If they put ads in their own product that is one thing, but to insert ads into other apps is malware. Angry Birds should not be able to insert an ad into your gmail app or into plants vs. Zombies. This app crosses the line IMO.
+Julian Lemieux, you don't seem to understand how this works. cluzee is not adding ads to google maps. All it's doing is pulling a map using the maps engine (something any app can do) and still including ads on itself. The same thing goes for searching and anything else Cluzee is doing, it's never actually leaving the app, but rather importing functions from other apps (something I love android for)
+Chris Bailey I think you should go try it again. I understand what it is doing. I say to open map of Phoenix and it asked me if i want to use Google maps or the browser, I tap Google maps and it launches Google Maps with the full Google maps interface. It then shows an ad across the top. You are incorrect about the way it is functioning and it should not be able to insert ads into other apps.
I'm just speaking on how android apps work. you cant force ads on apps that are not programmed for it (without the app allowing it to) that's just now how Android works (if a dev is reading please correct me if I'm wrong). I actually tried what you are talking about and I do not see any ads. At the same time I just updated to GM 6 so maybe that's why.
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