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The pricing policy always amazes me. It's like the carriers WANT everybody to switch carriers every two years.
Well lately they are all leveling the playing field to be exactly alike. It's getting to the point where having a contract is so worthless.
+Fedor Pikus The trick is that the contracts are 2 years but they offer the "upgrade" at like 18 months. That keeps their customers locked in.
If you haven't tried Verizon's 4G speeds yet, you'd realize that they are as far from EXACTLY ALIKE, as you can get... No one else compares to Verizon's speed OR reliability... I have been with them for 6 years now, so I was grandfathered in w unlimited 4G... If you were putzing around being an iDouche on AT&T and finally realizing just how SHITE they are... Sux to be you...
+Dave Moehle they will take your unlimited away if you aren't aware they are changing their terms this summer at an unspecified time. Unless you plan on buying your next phone at full price and not pay the "upgrade" price. They are also up for selling some of their spectrum because of a business deal.
Also the "other" networks are 4G not LTE which some are just starting to roll out now so the playing field is leveling, hohum.
AT&T has LTE buddy. Expanding in more cities, but VZW still has by far and away the largest number of 4G LTE cities.
It does but the premiums for VZW well they are becoming the Apple of the wireless industry. Again is the extra money worth it to use your data cap faster? I have Verizon with unlimited data unless I buy a phone at full price. I used these initially when choosing Verizon but they haven't been doing themselves any favors lately.
Eliminating unlimited data for those of us grandfathered in just makes it more likely for those of us who feel no loyalty to shop around. Honestly, being an Android fan on a CDMA network is very tough. The coverage and speeds on VZW are worth the price, imo, but that doesn't matter to everybody.
My contract is up in Oct. and I have a DroidX. I know they have great speeds and coverage but again like anything I have to determine whether I really need that for their cost premium.
+Latise Baker I feel that since I'm on wifi 95% of the time that there really is no downfall for me dropping Verizon even as an agent I can get a data only plan and just use grooveip and gvoice
That's why I use Tmo's value plan. I'm on WiFi 90+% of the time.
or you pay full price for you device and you keep unlimited data .... you guys that are freaking out need to actually read what has been said 1000 times . Dont uograde and pay full price and you keep unlimited . I know id rather just pay full price for a device and keep my unlimited !!
*magically gets $650 dollars*
Yeah I understand how it works. I can read. I have read. Each person potentially losing their grandfathered unlimited data needs to consider if the roughly $300 price difference to buy non-subsidzed is worth unlimited data. People just have to decide if they need unlimited badly enough. To me it makes sense to pay for the non-subsidized phone if one really thinks they will go over 2 GB in a month. The extra $300 equates to $12.50 a month over the 2 year contract, which you can look as essentially one's cost to keep unlimited data. That is still a better deal than going from the $30 per month 2 GB plan to the $50 per month 5 GB plan if 2 GB isn't enough.
Looks like i have my tiered data plan prices wrong...was looking at the mobile broadband for laptops/tablets.
You realize if you buy a phone off contract and don't renew, once your two years is up you will be switched to tiered data anyways whether you like it or not. No one will be on unlimited data after a couple years from now
I am not on contract. I replaced my DROID with a DROID2 .... still unlimited data. If I can't keep unlimited, I will go to somebody that does.
Good luck finding that. I think Sprint may be the only carrier with true unlimited but their speeds are terrible (like AOL & modem days terrible)
I vote with my wallet. Advertise faster speeds, ability to stream movies, add all this cool stuff you can do.... on a data cap. Pfffft stupid. Here is a Ferrari you can go as fast as you want... on this 100ft stretch of road.
Yeah, you currently have unlimited cause they haven't taken it away yet, but once they do say goodbye to it. You are not on contract, therefore, they are under no obligation to keep giving you unlimited data
And I am under no obligation to continue giving them my money.
Exactly, once my contract is up I'm going to have to explore my opportunities
I really like having a smartphone. I only broke 2gb once... and I don't do tethering... just web use. O don't even stream music often. Data caps are unlikely to impact me. It is a matter of principle. They are trying to hide the fact that their infrastructure cannot meet the demand for the amount if "product" they sold. This is most likely in part because the lack of competition ans difficulty of entering the market.
I routinely use 2-3 GB routinely and I don't do anything absurd with my 4G phone. I just browse the web and handle email. When I do thinks like stream, tether, or download a lot then I go to 4 GB. I use WiFi a lot too for battery savings. 4G phones just use a lot of data.
And their data consumption will only increase as the web grows even more rich and the devices more capable.
i routinely pass 3 gigs on a monthly basis...good thing i'm on LTE with unltd and don't plan to upgrade my bionic anytime soon...usage as follows jan - 3.8gb, feb - 5.9, mar - 13.9 (i watched a lot of movies at night), apr - 9.4, may - 4.4... LOL...
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