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As soon as I can get prescription frames with this built into it...
From the looks of it, this device can't support prescription lenses, so I'd need frames that can support prescription lenses and this technology.

Also, transition lenses. I'm photosensitive.

And a pony.
Hmmmm, will my friends be able to share their vision with me?
"Shut up and Take My Money!!!"
I want them right now....
There's a big chance i might consider a device like this before considering a phone! Cool concept
this device would run off your phone, bluetooth style
I can hear Apple $h!ting there pants right now
OMFG, this is amazing.. The future really is here..
Leroy C
it would be nice if they can pull this off....
Google can happily take as much data from me as they want if they give me those glasses soon!
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