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Still haven't tried Gamefly maybe it's time to try it.
The only thing wrong with gamefly is my mailman keeps stealing their envelopes. Gamefly never said anything bad to me, but I felt bad about it.
"Netflix style gaming" lol, they ARE Netflix, it's the same company XD

I'm curious, has anyone tried any of EA's Origin locked games from GameFly? Do they still lock you to Origin and require sign-in?
+Daniel Bentley Gamefly gets retail game copies, so they don't act any different than a disc from the store. You don't get online codes either for obvious reasons, so games that require an "online pass" you would have to pay $10 extra during the rental time.
+Jason Copeland actually I just looked up what EA's online Pass is, and it's nothing to do with what I asked. BF3 for the PC doesn't use Online Pass at all, but it DOES require Origin and it phones home to make sure you have a legal, unique license key, even for single player.

I was asking if GameFly rentals still have that unique license key check for rentals.
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