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Been playing Ice Breaker for the last half an hour - very good game.
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Jody B
Downloading now
+Android Police awesome :D that's just how I feel.

Scary shit when You're on the last map failing on the last 10 waves or so, to realize you've been playing it for over 2 hrs :P
Sorry about that!
For the record, you can find Android Police on my blogroll at my site. My visitors see a link to Android Police on a daily basis! I wasn't trying to spam you with some bullshit
This game seems pretty cool, but it's very choppy on Samsung Galaxy Nexus.. Anyone else getting choppy gameplay as well?
+411Droid Just so you know lots of people refuse to visit the web sites of spammers, me included.
Uber laggy on my GSM Gnex :( looks like fun though.
It's a bummer that even high-end devices are having trouble with the lag. The SGS II I tried it on was lag-free.
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