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Anyone from Greece among our followers? Can you please check if Maps Navigation is now available in your country and post up some screenshots if it is?
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Yup it's available! Screenshots on the way!
Gregg Wilson
Love Google+!  +Android Police  asks a question of somebody half way around the world, and someone responds within 4 minutes! :-)
Καλά ρε +Kostas Vrouvas where were you walking to that was going to take 6 hours? Ταμα γονάτιστος πήγαινες? 
Hahahha... I was trying to take the screenshot as fast as I could and didn't notice that until I uploaded it! 
+Chris Karavoulias όχι τίποτα άλλο.. έβγαλε και τέτοια διαδρομή που δε φτάνεις πότε! Η δεύτερη έχει τη σωστή διαδρομη
I want this navigation feature in Malaysia too! Google please... :(
still as ugly as Android 2.x. Come on Google, make itu HOLO, please!
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