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Make it available on Sprint with LTE and I'll snatch one up.
I want the stylus for my current devices. So badass.
This is fan-freakin-tastic! plus, that battery life is just amazing! Is the tablet version just one huge battery?
I would totally buy this phone if it had a bigger screen....Gonna wait and see what motorola and htc have to offer. Plus I already have an OG transformer...
I'm actually impressed with the stylus-headset. What a weird combo, but it actually is kinda cool.
I think that docking method is lame. There's a whole touchscreen going to waste. As a transformer (TF101) owner, I can use my tablet and phone independently, and I can tether the tablet to the phone. I might like the stylus/headset though.
+Bob O`Bob
How do you tether it? I've been trying off and on for ages.
Tim KH
Bad ass device... how much exactly?
tethering is all about the phone, it has to have a "wifi hotspot" capability. Get that going, and then the tablet connects to it like any other WAP.
If they get the seamless transition from a phone display to a tablet display this will truly be ground breaking. What is the point of the sim card holder? I thought the tablet was just a battery and screen requiring the phone to be the actual computer. I point this out as they make note that the tablet is 3G. Does that mean the tablet can operate independently from the phone?
thought this was supposed to be a quad core setup?
It's cool, but with that screen resolution, I'm gonna say "Meh".
Looks amazing I want one. It didn't say a release?
Interesting. Ice Cream Sandwich should make it all happen without too many problems. But my Atrix phone could also do most that for an additional $500! How much is all this going to cost? If I have to buy a $200 phone (with 2 year service plan) and a $200 Tablet (which does nothing without the phone) and $300+ for the docking station. Hey, at that point we're talking real money.
PS My son-in-law just got the Atrix $500 docking station for $60 from eBay. How the mighty have fallen.
+kyle snider It's Snapdragon S4, it's as fast as a quad core Tegra 3. I have this on my desk.

Over here in Northern Europe the prices are:
Padfone (phone only) 499€
Padfone (phone + tablet) 699€
PadStation Dock 159€
Probably half that in the states as usual. Haven't seen the price of the keyboard dock yet, which completes the package.

+Charles Oisten The tablet is only a battery and a screen. Nothing more. It doesn't work without the phone.
The Keyboard Dock will be $150 in the US, but I haven't heard any firm numbers on the Tablet Dock or the Phone itself in the US yet.
+Bob O`Bob Not all carriers allow tethering. Pad phone is the only way for subscribers of such a plan.
Good idea but I'm not purchasing this since the tablet is useless without the phone.
Yes, the tablet is useless without the phone. But is it worth an extra $30/month to have both on data plans at the same time? The beauty of this is one data plan, and you can still use the phone via Bluetooth while it's in the tablet.
fantastic gadget
still there is one problem and I think it's gonna be big one when using the big screen .
it uses the S4 MSM8260 version (like the htc oneS's CPU) which I think it will not be as smooth as we want when using a higher resolution screen .
it would be better if they used the S4 MSM 8960 version (like the htc one x att 's CPU )
but , still fantastic and must bye at least to try .
+meshal arrosan At least the European version of Padfone uses the MSM8960, I checked the SoC model from my review unit. The resolution in the tablet dock isn't that high that it would require anything special really. I think the same SoC is in the Transformer Infinity that has the higher resolution screen. The difference between MSM8960 and MSM8260A is that the latter is 3G and the other is 4G/LTE.
+Esa Edvik Thanks a lot buddy for this quite helpful info .
after all the main difference was just in the wireless radios , I thought that there was a difference in the GPU but looks like I mixed between them and the 8960 pro (Adreno 320 ) version , which I think will see it in H2 2012 .
now it'll NOT make any difference for me Bcoz my provider sucks with the 3G service , how about the LTE :D
thanks again buddy .
Wouldn't it be great if they add the Ubuntu Desktop when its docked? Imagine! Phone, Phone in Tablet = Comfy Media Handler, Padphone in Dock = Full Ubuntu Desktop... :O
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