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The developers of Devil Maker: Tokyo sent us 2 VIP cards worth $200 each (20,000 in-game currency):

The Play Store reviews seem to be relatively positive, but we're not endorsing the game in any way, just giving these cards out to two random Google+ commenters who are interested.

So, who wants 'em?
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Tom S
sign me up.... please and thanks.
Nice giveaway! Count me in!  Fancy packaging and design! 
Please put my name in the hat too!
It's a card game? I'm a sucker for those kids of things.
Yeah, I'll give it a go. Always looking for the next good game.
+Andy Cheng To clarify, we're not going to mail the winners the cards - we'll just message them the codes.
Count me in. I've always wanted to splurge on one of these games with micro-transaction, and the illustrations are preeetty nice.
Looks fun, I'm really getting into this kind of game. Add my name to the hat. :)
Yo I don't even know the game but I think this would be an awesome way to be introduced to it. I'll like a code
Jason M
My random comment here :)
Just FYI, I downloaded and started playing this game last night for a few minutes, and the data usage is about 500MB of data. Seems alright, though I haven't really got into it yet. Similar to apps I've played by HappyElements. My id is squigglypoo if you want a referrer id / friend.
If it's still open, count me in ;)
I so want that, its very pretty. I love this game
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