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The developers of Devil Maker: Tokyo sent us 2 VIP cards worth $200 each (20,000 in-game currency):

The Play Store reviews seem to be relatively positive, but we're not endorsing the game in any way, just giving these cards out to two random Google+ commenters who are interested.

So, who wants 'em?
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Tom S
sign me up.... please and thanks.
+Abhisek Devkota because I changed my first post. It's out of respect for people that didn't FIRST! the thread.
Nice giveaway! Count me in!  Fancy packaging and design! 
Please put my name in the hat too!
I'm very interested!
It's a card game? I'm a sucker for those kids of things.
Yeah, I'll give it a go. Always looking for the next good game.
+Andy Cheng To clarify, we're not going to mail the winners the cards - we'll just message them the codes.
Count me in. I've always wanted to splurge on one of these games with micro-transaction, and the illustrations are preeetty nice.
Looks fun, I'm really getting into this kind of game. Add my name to the hat. :)
Yo I don't even know the game but I think this would be an awesome way to be introduced to it. I'll like a code
Just FYI, I downloaded and started playing this game last night for a few minutes, and the data usage is about 500MB of data. Seems alright, though I haven't really got into it yet. Similar to apps I've played by HappyElements. My id is squigglypoo if you want a referrer id / friend.
I so want that, its very pretty. I love this game
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