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give the Devs a month

pets unlocked verizon S3 running Cyan10
I'm done with Samsung. This just confirms it.
is anyone really surprised? 
it's verizon...  not samsung... get the international version
yall are pissed at samsung for this? The only sammy devices with locked bootloaders are for verizon. The only devices which get developer editions are for verizon.

Note the trend?
+Eli Fennell isn't this Verizon's fault just like the S3? Where all S3s from other providers came with unlocked bootloader except Verizon's?
I'm pretty sure you can say that to all Android devices on Verizon (minus some Dev edition phone).
+Andy Cheng ya I know, that's why it must be Verizon's fault, like threatening not to include Samsung's S3 or Note 2 if Verizon doesn't get its way or something.
+Eli Fennell it isnt samsungs doing. Its verizion. Im about to get rid of verizon and just do prepaid with tmobile and nexus phones. Cheaper and pure android.
I'm still waiting for someone to crack the RAZR MAXX bootloader.
Let's hope some devs can figure out a way to unlock this phone
Again, a temporary setback. Give it a week, a work around will be made, ROM devs will rejoice the world will see peace, hunger will be no more and hospitals will be free.

Ok, so at least we'll see a workaround.....don't kill the dream man!
Does this type of stuff surprise anyone anymore?  Until everyone jumps ship from VZW there is no reason to complain they are obviously not listening.  This will cause me not to buy this even though I really wanted one. Might have to get one and use Straight Talk.
Guys, it's not so simple as "devs crack bootloader in a month" as you seem to think. On the VZW S3, someone leaked an insecure bootloader. There was a lot of work done to reverse engineer it and find an exploit but an exploit was never actually found. If no one leaked the bootloader it would probably still be locked. A proper secure bootloader should basically be impossible to crack without a leaked insecure but signed bootloader.

There are lame workarounds such as kexec but it's not nearly as good as being able to just boot a custom kernel from scratch and just adds more problems for developers to figure out. Vote with your wallets and don't buy this device until it's unlocked. I got semi-burned with the S3 because it was not known that it was locked until the first units reached customers and I had preordered to keep my data plan, but now that we have advance notice no enthusiast should buy this. Maybe it'll tell Verizon something.
VZ=Overpriced and Overrated
Yes, most people are going to AT&T due to the Verizon Boot-loader lock issue, As far as I am aware its NOT locked on all the other carriers! I wonder i you bought an unlocked phone and later selected Verizon and put in the SIM card, does it still lock the boot-loader? Or does Verizon NOT sell and aftermarket SIM for the phone?
+Qban Celli overpriced? Most definitely. Overrated? Not at all. Their network blows all the others away with ease.
Wru African Canadian Sockmonkey?
Don't put the blame on Samsung. Samsung bootloaders are unlocked by default, its all on greedy Verizon. Verizon sucks, plain and simple.
Hmm, what if I get an unlocked SGN2, I really don't need the carrier radio at all. Then I can buy a Verizon Mobile WiFi Hotspots device, then connect phone via WiFi to the Verizon Mobile WiFi device, use VoIP to make phone calls, no need to be locked and no SIM chip, all WiFi.
Well FU very much Verizon.  (Not that this kind of douchebaggery is unexpected.)  Three possible solutions, in decreasing order of preference:

1) Vote with your wallets.  My next phone will be an unlocked GSM Nexus.

2) Samsung grows a pair, and tells Verizon that "we don't lock bootloaders: you can have our phones unlocked or not at all".

3) Devs on XDA crack the locked bootloader.
Well it'll have to come down to the consumer. Samsung won't tell Verizon to stop locking bootloaders if people are still buying the phones. Sammy's phones run Touchwiz...which is already enough evidence that they don't care about interface-quality/support as long as they make sales haha. I had the original Note- amazing hardware.with horrible awful touchwiz.
Its verizon.. its part of their history..
If only Verizon didn't have the best network...
It's OK the GNeX was locked also. Our boys will have it unlocked soon enough!
Dont give up on Samsung. Fault the carrier's. Case and point. If you buy the phone full cash with no contact it should come unlocked. The carrier's agreements make it so the Manufacturer (Samsung) can not sell the phone directly. So this ruin's the age old saying of If you buy direct from the manufacturer or pay cash for the device (IE No contract) than the device would come unlocked.

The Carrier's are the ones locking the phones, and or requesting that the phones are locked. The carrier are also the ones requesting that the manufacturer not sell the phones directly to us the consumer.
AT&T did the same thing with the One X.
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