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I wouldn't hold my breath about that Instagram rumor that's going around in the last few hours - there's a big chance it's the fake app in the screenshot.

Not linking to the original source to avoid spreading more FUD.
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It's possible that the notification in the picture happens directly as a result of fake Temple Run trying to cross-promote the other fake app, both of which have been pulled already.
maybe just a rumor...
+Android Police Precisely, I don't see any big companies that would actually do such ridiculous stuff just to promote their apps. Especially the real Instagram people who definitely know they'll get enough media coverage and through word-of-mouth.
Sonny T
I heard it was true but I guess we'll see
Electric Pig was reporting the same and suggested that they has a direct source from Instagram, think the crapware is gone now so maybe the official app will hit the market....
Well I´m not holding my breath for it...
Tried it and never got back into it, don´t really see the point when there are so many choices out there to share your pictures with friends and anyone on the net without the limitations to just one OS like the iOS/instagram combo been offering.
And it´s not like there is a lack of android photo apps with filters enough to satisfy the most needy social shooter out there :)

Just my 2c.
I hope not. iPhone users overuse that stupid app way too much.
Agreed. I personally love Vignette, Little Photo and PicSay for the rare times when I felt like adding special filters and effects to my photos. I hate it when people abuse it on everything, including their instant noodles.
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