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Not a surprise at all if you follow AOSP gerrit. Sony even has an at compile time theme engine in there (backbone for it has already been merged iirc).
That a large portion of the lack of updates are due to lack of contribution to the AOSP(other than carriers) on the OEM's part. I'm just disappointed is all I guess.
+Jose Rodriguez the OEMs care more about their own customization than the core OS, as that's what sets their devices apart. This causes more fragmentation and makes things harder all around. I wish they would submit patches back to AOSP for fixes, and Improvements.

In the end OEMs can do as they see fit to contribute or not .
Also carriers need to not drag their feet approving updates. I think updates should be done via wifi by the OEM and the carrier should have no say, but that's just my opinion.
im wondering if sony will continue to do this. their new ceo is kinda sketchy to me
It's interesting how Sony can be so helpful with android and suck so bad with PS online.
Ahh, Left hand should start talking to the right hand then... or just make the next PS an android....
+Edward Lewis maybe, they are very different products. I think they need some help with their PS online, though I don't own a PS3 personally to test anything I just know what I read.
As people who know me well can attest, I am and have been anti Sony for years. In part due to propriety plugs, memory sticks, etc.

This is the first thing I've read in years that has softened that position... Even to the point of putting them on the "possible OEM" list when making purchases.
I have both the PS3 and Xbox. Xbox network is much better. I could see the ps4 running on android and still playing disks. Anyway, glad to see Sony really helping with android.
Awesome! I'm downloading the update for my Sony Tablet S now...
I see that Toshiba wasn't even mentioned and no wonder. I'm still waiting for Toshiba Canada to provide an OTA update for Honeycomb 3.2 so that we can use the Google+ app on the Thrive tablet.

I should have bought the Sony :-)

They should throw LG under the bus also. I have the G2x and if I didn't root my phone and put ics on it I would of lost what's left of my mind. They have the worst support and never update anything.
+Jarred Williams I think they look quite stylish. They found a way to stand out. You know a Sony phone when you see one.
I did love my X10 and I will consider another Sony in the future. Just no other models than the Xperia S in Canada and I did want a dual-core back in December so decided to go with the RAZR =)
meh. some of them are alright. i dont mind their body style but their buttons on the front are super ugly and some of the ui changes are just distasteful. but with ics that could all change! :D
Just bought my Xperia S last week and totally love it. Even 2.3.7 runs flawless, I didn't even thought about rooting and flashing a custom ROM. Let's see if they come up with the ICS update as scheduled in June.
Never had such a good stock Rom before - but my last phones were motos, that's why ;D
I seriously think that at the moment there are 3 worthwhile phone manufactures and 3 tablet ones, these are Phone: Sony, Samsung and HTC, Tablet: Asus, Samsung and Sony.
This post just confirms my thoughts.
+Steven Nutt Your forgetting the emerging Chinese devices. I hate to say it but they will copy everything and sell it for cheaper.
The next Nexus should the the Sony XPERIA XLT29i
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