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Still on 1gig here in Sweden, really hope that has nothing to do with their rollout-plan

Now I'm on 5gig too, so 5 gig is confirmed from Sweden as well. (I did not change any settings)
yup, i got 5120MB on G-docs now. :-)

In Sweden set to Swedish.
I tried switching from geman to english (US). It works instantly.
+Brett Gibson in Germany we don't have Books, Music, Movies, too. And I think we won't get it soon ;)
Chris B
Looks like they're rolling out the space upgrade slowly. I'm in the US and only have 1 GB still.
5GB of space on GDoc
I'm from Hong Kong (but using English UI)
Hmmm... Switched to English, still 1 GB, not that I need more now, but I feel discriminated...
I am surprised they might only matching dropbox on the free storage. Thanks to the referral scheme and uploading pictures from my phone im over 9gig available on dropbox now.

I love google products but im not going to take a storage size cut to switch :/

but i might run them concurrently as an extra backup :-)
lets get #GoogleDrive trending guys so everyone post with #GoogleDrive on your comment
I pay for Extra storage on Picassa(20 GB). Will it all get rolled into one service??. I wonder if I will automaticaly get 20GB on google drive.

As far as I can tell I have, it shows 5GB higher than my 20GB paid storage, so I will say yes, it does though show me having used 934MB, and I'm not sure where lol, time for an investigate. #GoogleDrive ;-)
I swear if Google Drive doesn't launch worldwide I fraggle..... I mean I understand why products like their Movie and Music store aren't launched out here but there's no licensing issues with a cloud drive :P That said I do have my 5GB here in Indonesia :-D
Yep - I'm seeing this Down Under now. That is - I am seeing the 5gb included in my free storage. Not Google Drive itself.. yet
+Robert Strickland I also pay for the 20 GB, it now shows up as 25 GB available in Docs, but only 20 GB in Picasaweb.
I'll definitely use Google Drive, I currently use Box and Google Docs via the official app and Docs To Go on my Android phone, I've got a Dropbox account but don't tend to use it as the Android UI isn't quite as developed compared to the UI of the Android app for Box and the Box for Office plugin makes uploading documents from the Desktop as easy as just saving the document to box. I might move my docs over to Google Drive and keep my Box account for Pictures and .apks. #GoogleDrive
I really hope they have all the clients available at launch.
It would be awesome if they could have the IOS app integrated as well as the Dropbox one is in Android, I just don't see it happening.
Maybe put a more integrated one in Cydia
I sense this will tie in nicely with CISPA - to stop piracy and copyright infringement.
So is Google Docs going to be subsumed by Google Drive? How is this going to work in the long term? If you squint, Google Docs looks a lot like a prototype GDrive. I doubt they'd keep both. But, how far does the analogy reach? I think this could end up being a bit of a nightmare if Google decides to count Google Docs, Music, Picasa, YouTube as GDrive "files".
It's alive, it's alive... Now just need that official launch...
Same in Hong Kong, got 5GB. Many Google products target only US users during first launch. I hope it isn't the case for #googledrive.
+James Picton Wish it was the same in the UK, No Music at all wirhout having to use a proxy to sign up and get the .apk and side load and be restricted to using own music without purchasing. +Edmund Tam Google Drive is technically a re work of Google Docs so not really a need for restricting it to US only.
I have a theory that the free storage will continuously grow like the gmail inbox... what do you think?
+Roland Hurt Here in Australia we cant buy music either, we can only upload our own music to it via the Music Manager.
Can't wait for this to hit :)
+James Picton In Australia di you have Market access to the Google Music App & direct access to the Google Music website?
+Roland Hurt No all we have in Australia is Play Store with Play Books. No Play Movies or Play Music.
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