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+Samsung Mobile's Galaxy Gear marketing is very clever. Here's the next video: Samsung Galaxy Gear: A Long Time Coming.

And part 2: Samsung Galaxy Gear: Evolution.
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Samsung can have good advertising when they really want to.
Sweet!! out to get me one of those there space age talking watches!
Slick advertising... Useless device 
These ads make me wanna buy a Galaxy Gear.. But Google smartwatch will be more awesome than this shit!
Samsung reminds me of apple now; big talk, no substance. At least apple know better to release a device without any useability testing. I actually can't make up my mind on who I dislike more these days, apple or Samsung! 
If it came with a talking car I'd be sold.
That watch is amazing. I got it for my g/f along with the Note 3 and she hasn't stopped using either. Both are also giving her two days on a single charge so there's that too. I just wish that Note 3 had the same metal housing as the watch. 
They really should put the 2 commercials together. First one is really gets your attention but the second keeps your attention in the watch.

If the price is right, it could be trouble for the iPod line.
I feel like this would be a much better premise for a +HOT Watch ad.
I don't get how anyone would want to use a smartwatch for calls without some private calling implementation!
The commercial was cool until the Galaxy Gear shows up.
Chris S
Spot on advertising
Its $300. Not sure if the price is right. 
I refuse to wear a watch that I have to charge daily...
Good thing some people still charge watches daily.
you know, pull the crown, twist, twist, twist till it's charged :>
Maybe this is a pre-emptive strike to show prior art, or at least prior concept, when Apple inevitably sues them claiming they thought of it first.
Let's face it. Samsung products just effing suck.
+Jef Cashless Not all Samsung products suck, that's like saying all humans are right handed. There are some that are different, and Samsung makes a lot of products, their high end ones are good and the budget ones... Well, you get what you pay for with Samsung. Galaxy Gear, it's not for most people. I would wait for the second generation to see if they do it right, but smartwatches, I just can't see them taking off. 
Samsung products are the most popular in the world for many of their products.  Someone must like them.
Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot! Oh. My. Damn. I haven't seen that since I was a kid.
I have no plans in getting any first gen smartwatches, but watching this well made commercial pushed the right buttons.  Sammy may be onto something.
This would be like a second generation, would it not?  I know Sony and Pebble already has these watches (I own a Sony...unfortunately it was cheaply made).  Sony has already made two generations so far (first one was pretty bad).
Far as I know, not for Samsung.
I have 2 days with this device and got mix feeling.
Samsung needs make social networks notification reachable from the Gear and email servers as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.
It device can not be more than a phone extention for communication and there is where Samsung needs to push.
I wonder if the incoming call from Jamie Glass is a reference to Google Glass... :)
But guys, guys, Apple is about to invent the iWatch, completely from scratch with no previous influences whatsoever!
Ohhhhh Dick Tracy is gonna get SO SUED!
+Erik Kim Sorry, I was thinking of the entire smart watch market in general.  You're right, this is version 1 for Samsung.
I developed door system with my gear. 
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