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It just a helpful tip and a good deal. Can't you just say "thanks" or nothing at all?
Nothing wrong with good deals, I just fail to see how this is relevant to Android users? :-)
Almost 70% Android Devices uses SD cards.
Mathias Tillman he asked that How many Android devices use SD cards , and i think its Understood that Mobile Devices use Micro card.And one more thing u can use Micro SD card with regular SD's.
Yeah, but the deal is for regular SD cards, not micro SD cards.
Yeah m agry, but in regular SD cards have micro card that u can use
+Manish Kaushal No they don't - They're just SD Cards.
Some micro SD cards come with an adapter for use with regular SD card readers found on most laptops. This is exactly the kind of confusion I feared might pop up when the deal was posted, thus resulting in my inability to keep my mouth shut. I guess the Amazon kickbacks were just too good for Android Police to pass up.
Hey m not talking about the card define in above deal, an regular SD's.includes both kind of SD cards (With Adoptor n with out Adoptor)
+Manish Kaushal Regular SD cards do not contain a MicroSD Card.... Some MicroSD Cards you buy have an SD Card adapter included, perhaps it is those you have seen and are thinking of.
OR MAYBE big shocker, Android fans are technology fans.... and technology fans have cameras, wiis, computers, Playstations, and all manner of things that use SD cards. But no you are right we readers have no interest in cool cheap technology.
Well my TF101 would love an SD card. I currently only have a microsd card in it. Memory is starting to become sparse. Though they don't ship to Australia it seems.
my Transformer Prime has both micro and full size SD slots, I believe the Toshiba Thrive also has SD slot as does the Nook Color.
The actual article states "such Android tablets as the Toshiba Thrive, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, and ASUS Transformer TF101 (with dock), among others."
Bobby W
Bought the earlier 32gb microsd deal. Wonder if i should get this to supplement it. Tf101 decisions...
This deal is for SD cards, not micro SD for phones.
If you're in the PNW, Fred Meyer has PNY class-10 16GB micro-SD cards with adapter for $20.
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