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Still can't get over T-Mobile's Test Drive site that compares their "4G" phones to... 3G iPhones on AT&T, VZW & Sprint. Seriously?

Let's see some more fair LTE comparisons and then talk speeds, OK, T-Mo? This is just borderline insulting to our intelligence.
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Lol I thought the same thing when testing it out the other day..
How is this as insulting as ATT suddenly making the iPhone 4g just by changing the icon? Or them claiming to have the largest 4g network before they even turned on their first LTE tower?
Doesn't AT&T's iPhone 4S support their HSPA+ network?
Who cares about super-fast speed? Especially when you can't use it. They compare movie watching in Netflix - it will use all your data limit super-fast :) That's LTE on Verizon and AT&T...

I like T-Mo for their freedom. And compatibility - with GSM phone I can travel anywhere and get at least voice and maybe some data. With Verizon and Sprint - (almost) nobody uses CDMA outside of the States. LTE? That's also not compatible due to different frequencies and the way voice is transmitted.

Plus T-Mo plans are relatively cheap, especially compared to AT&T and Verizon.
wait.. what???? so much for the money they got from att... ~flush~
+Denys Dmytriyenko and on T-Mobile your data lasts all month because you can't get a good enough signal to use it lol. I guess you get what you pay for.......
I think they just want users to know that an iPhone is not on the cutting edge technology and their are better options out there
T-Mobile is trying to throw up a smoke screen by talking about their 3G speeds but they're ignoring their major issue, which is coverage.
The major issue is that they are calling 3.5G HSPA+, 4G which it isn't. IEEE set the standards and its either WiMax or LTE that can fly the 4G banner.
What? T-Mobile has pretty madass coverage. I'm always able to have a connection when my friends on other carriers have no connection for anything
Well even LTE isn't 4G by the original standard but it's too late now the consumer thinks what ever they are told is "4G" but LTE-Advanced will be rolled out on Verizon by the beginning of next year. With possible speeds of up to 500MB/s (3.3gb/s).
+James Picton your right? but look at Sprint offerings, wimax is terrible the speeds are meager and the coverage is terrible. I've used my friends t-mobile sgs2 and it gets better reception/ coverage than any of sprint wimax phones. Wimax is trash compared to 3.5G HSPA+, and its almost just as good as LTE. I'm lookomg at this on more practical use cases not by some stupid standards that the IEEE made up.
+Rudy Batz just ask a group of people on all carriers how their coverage is. I guarantee the majority of the T-Mobile users that get great coverage live and spend most of their time in a large metropolitan area. Verizon will have great coverage in metropolitan and rural areas.
Who even likes tmobile... they only have speed because nobody is on their network.. tmobile looked scared to challenge the top 3 with their 4g networks. Y not 4g vs 4g... not 4g vs 3g
+Pernell Moore that's not true, I don't live in a huge metro area I'm just in a town, and I have the best connection when I go to like the country in the middle of no where when some people have no connection at all
+Denys Dmytriyenko how am I being ripped off by Verizon when I just pay $10 more than when I was on T-Mobile? And now I can really use my phone the way its meant to be used. When I look at it that way I feel like I was throwing money away every month on T-Mobile.
+Rudy Batz agreed. But in my experience T-Mobile has way more bad coverage areas than Verizon. Thats just facts, plain and simple.
+Pernell Moore your personal experience is not "facts, plain and simple" for everyone else. Many people had exactly the opposite experience than yours.
+Sprint really fucked up on the Wimax rollout since the EVO 4G release and the partner ship with CLEAR, this was 2010. Its 2012 and since then +Sprint has not improve much on that technology they have gone as far as abandoning Wimax all together. On the other hand t-mobile boosted 3.5G has improved steadily and since HSPA+ has certain phases to rech top peak uploads/dl's the technology gets better overtime. T-mobile invested on old technology and has better end results than +Sprint heavily invested BULLCRAP wimax technology. I'm glad im not wastig my "$10 premium 4G service" with them any longer. i'm using my GNEX ON Verizon with LTE 4GB its not unlimited but its damm better service than +Sprint
My GSM unlocked GNEX on t-mo smoked three of my friends Gnex on the Verizon network. (Speed test). Have never had "bad coverage area". Works amazing all the time. I'd like a link to fore mentions facts. Please
Been with T-Mobile for 6 years and being a truck driver I travel the country extensively, as far as coverage goes I've only been a few places in the west where i couldn't get any kind of coverage at all but neither could people on Verizon or ATT. Data coverage and speeds are about the same on my phone as they are on my Verizon mobile broad. Neither are great. At home I get better speeds on my phone than the Verizon mi-fi.
+Denys Dmytriyenko they're lying. Google any news articles or studies on coverage areas and Verizon has a larger footprint.
I have been very happy with T-Mobile and the MVNO that uses their service, Simple Mobile.
So your going by a picture not actual facts
All I can say is bring on LTE-A
Also I believe a lot of the coverage issues would be due to the frequency that they are using as higher frequencies are diminished over a shorter area and things such as high rise buildings can and will interfere with them.
T- mobile sucks ass!let get it right . they are lying about there network. Tmobile says they have 3g and 4g, but not so T bitch. Okay first thing, they bought the cheapest spectrum (1900/2100) which is like trying to get signal where the planes fly , lol. Now Verizon has had the best spectrum (800/ 900/ 1900/) which is like having ur signal about like let's say 40 floors up which makes signal easier to reach, so faster plus the lower the spectrum the denser its able to penetrate buildings better. Now Verizon has 700 spectrum. T bitch just bought there 800 spectrum and the coverage is strait carbage . So yes they improve the network, but u have to be in the right area. Wtf. That's bullshit and u paying them for that . Best phone carriers are sprint and Verizon's people . Sprint network dependable and 3/4g wimax speed is good , and don't cost too much. Verizon expensive but 3/4g speed better than everyone else . All carriers drop call hear and there especially when upgrading network . Own a small mobile business (Verizon)/ personal use (sprint).
I have immobile the words are fine but that us not a fair comparison that's 4g vs 3g stupid
Well to be fair the "4g" that t-mobile uses is really just a upgraded 3g technology not true 4g. Correct me if I am wrong but the iphone can't connect to hspa+ can it? If it can't then these tests are a little skewed. personally in my experience on t mobile's "4g" it was plenty fast enough for my purposes at about 12-15mbps. At the time it was just as fast or faster than most of my friends on Verizon's LTE.
T bitch eh ... all over vzw's teet.
Tru 4g is 100 mbps so guess what not even our cable services give us that . Want try 4g go to Europe. They atleast closer to that than we are here. Lol so!!!!!
+ZWADIE PHIDD There is no tru 4g or true 4g anywhere since the body that defines the standards didn't set a standard of what 4g is or isn't.
Oh at least sprint, vzw, att have the better spectrum do ur homework
The standard is 100mbps for us to have tru 4g 100mbps is 4g speeds
Lower spectrums mean denser signal and faster speeds
Everyone seems to be overlooking something; your quality of service is dependent on your area. It doesn't matter what the carrier produces in Las Vegas if I can't get the same in Miami or Chicago or Wichita Falls. I would love for my next phone to have septabands of 700/800/850/900/1700/1900/2100, but it isn't going to happen. Buy what works where you are. I'm in South Florida and had bad data service on VZW 3G. I switched to ATT HSPA+, and while I miss unlimited data, it is nice having a stable data connection everywhere. That works for me, might no work for the guy 2 miles away. Go with what works and stop being flaming fanboy trolls. They already have your money, why give them your dignity too?
Penetration of buildings means less dropped calls check it out!! They don't want consumer to now this . And oh I use to have t mobile data was slow and had to go out side to get good signal not for $128 a month
This thing is completely rigged. I hope no one buys into this marketing gimmick. If you are going to compare network speeds then you need the phone to be somewhat constant on the tests. You can't test a 3g phone against a 4g phone. Deceptive.
Some one who knows what they talking about exactly . But spectrum does matter like u said if coverage is there This is the major problem with most of the carriers .
{~_~}…………Android police said it best (borderline insulting to our intelligence) haha!
Who cares about building penetration? Wifi calling works great on T-Mobile. dumb. Do this live, and then we'll talk. A pre-recorded "benchmark" is hard to believe.
Peter A
Anybody who says T-Mobile has good coverage obviously doesn't leave their central location. Anybody who travels and visits more than 2 airports a year knows tmobile is horrible when it comes to coverage, the fact their customers try to argue that point when the company themselves know spectrum is their weak Ness is beyond me. Anybody who thinks their hspa+ network can come close to my Vzw lte network speed test is completely foolish. Maybe in your area you can win that test but not in the bay area
Its fair to compare since T-Mobile and ATT use HSDPA. Sprint and Verizon use similar tech with CDMA. Comparing with LTE would actually be unfair. Although T-Mobile should probably not be calling there H+ network 4g.
as someone who has traveled through four states in the past month, i would say t-mobile has decent coverage.
Peter A
I traveled through 4 as well and I have a Vzw phone and a tmobile phone and they don't compare in the least
Peter A
My touch 4G and a lte Galaxy Nexus
I have a Galaxy Nexus on T-mobile and my speeds are pretty fast, around 10mbps down in most areas. the slowest i get is around 5
+john brown I don't get quite those speeds with my gnex on tmo, but 3 to 5 mbps is quite common. Can't complain for $30 per month with no contract.
I think they're mainly bragging that they have 4G and the fact that it's no competition is the whole point!
Why go with a slow ass iPhone on their network when you can get a lightning fast Android on ours?
maybe its the area, i used to get 3-5 when i had a Nexus S. I test my speeds on my laptop when using my phone as a hotspot cause that speed test app gives bad readings
I'm a paying (way too much) T-Mobile customer and I can't even process payments using the website, doesn't work in Chrome or Firefox. And let's face it, every deal they'll ever run is a) designed to maximize their profit margin on your plan and b) likely to be obsolete in ~6 months. Little fills me with the warmth of rage more than seeing packages that offer the same features as my current plan for 40% less than I'm paying now every time I log in. Wireless telco industry needs a serious overhaul stat. Truth in advertising seems a perfectly reasonable consumer demand.
Peter A
You guys are here talking about 10mbps lol. I get that with 1 bar of Vzw lte. When I have 4 bars I'm between 35-50mbps
Yeah 10 mbps haha what a joke! I'm with peter in this one
Grandfathered unlimited on vzw, awww yeah.
And you need 35-50mbps for??? I'm good with my 12mbps HSPA+
the point the site is making is all tmo customers who dont have a high end android phone are always asking people who sell tmo "is this samsung like the iphone" when you reply with "not really but kinda" they say "well i want the iphone because so and so said its good"
Peter A
+Alexander Carbonell 35-50mbps on a 700mhz network (better wall penetration) and a 50> ping. What would I need that for???
Peter A
Also 10-12 mbps isn't the average, that's when in great signal, like I said 1 bar on Vzw produces 10mbps
Bunch of u should go and do ur home work cause all the people stating specs like ( spectrum # and frequency now what time it is and the others have no clue. Good luck . Loving my fast dependable network unlimited for $79.99 ( sprint CDMA ) and oh they don't clock my download speed like the T-bitch Hahahahahaha lmfao
I just recently traveled to Texas then California. Both cities (Austin, San Diego) had excellent coverage of T-Mobile/Simple Mobile. Granted, not every city has the same coverage but it worked great for me.
+ZWADIE PHIDD I guess you live in a good coverage area. Cus when I had sprint it was pretty much throttled the whole time. My data speeds were usually edge speed.
+Peter Ashaolu Jr I call BS. My friend has Verizon LTE and altought it is the fastest, he sometimes only pulls 3-5mbps, and when he only on 3g he gets under 1mbps.
Peter A
Ok joey ill post screenshots for you later. As for 3G i havent once talked about that
You don't have to like my comment I know specs and u obviously don't .
thats why I don't worry about data its always there and its never clocked down like the T-bitch network sprint and Verizon rock!!! They bought the best network which is expensive and the coverage is good alot better than T-***.h haha lol. Waaaaaak!!!!! Tell me about specs and maybe I can give u credit for ur knowledge on how( now net work is sooooooo great) spear me bro .
Its called spectrum very important to carries data feed .
Oh okay I won't say the t-bitch . Any more I promise. Hahahahaha lol . Not!!!!
+ZWADIE PHIDD Well in my area Tmo is way better than Sprint. You're area might be different. Plus I pay less than half what you pay plus I'm rocking a gnex which I believe is not out on sprint yet.

+Peter Ashaolu Jr i don't need a screen shot. I know verizon lte is fastest. I'm just saying I have seen a razr maxx only pull 3mpbs on lte.
Sprint is really , bad n slow...where I live. I was using prl#00001 "Verizon", on my OG EVO.. 6 months later Sprint cut me off my contract due to high of roaming SMH...!!! Anyway TMobile is better in my area
+Joey Numbers I agree, won't sign another contract ever. Also won't buy a non-nexus device either.
Looking at the Tmobile vs. Sprint. you can tell right away that the Tmobile phone is running 4G and sprint is 3G signal. Why don't they show 4G vs 4G instead?.
The only one that shows 4G vs 4G is the Tmobile vs. ATT lol. Why not bring on Verizon's 4G LTE or Sprint 4G?
I'm getting unlimited 4g iphone service on T-mobiles network for $49/month and I love it : )
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