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Either that or HTC installed a special secret flash light option.
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Hans J
The Rezound had the same issue
Haven't most of thier phones had this issue at some point or another. Great body but poor screen build quality.
OLED is the way forward -- well I certainly prefer it at least
+Nigel Jones & +Sodiq Awokoya I agree with you both. However, as soon as you put an AMOLED in the damn thing.. people start screaming/bitching/moaning about how it's pentile. 
Nick B
Typical HTC rubbish.
+Tony Allen people who complain about pentile are technology pricks, technology takes time to progress if Samsung was not innovating with AMOLED, we will be stuck with battery draining and thicker devices that have LCD screens. Pentile is not a big deal for me especially on a HD display(GNEX), and with a high level of dpi you can't notice it or even the pixel for that matter. If you have the eyes of superman you must be s technoprick to complain about it. Lets not forget AMOLED was 1st out the door with a 720p HD display. (GNEX).
well ppl can go with whatver they think looks best. For me that's the amoled screens generally, even if pentile. They just ooze quality and are just "scrummy" in visual depth
+Brandon Sobotta The galaxy nexus was announced 1st on a world wide scale Verizon's late US release cause that delay.
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