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Every playbook I have seen on display in retailers has never worked. I agree with +Claudio Ibarra and by the looks of RIMs terrible sales so does everyone else
It's just one thing after another for those guys..
Hope that Google/Android rescues BBM before RIM goes tits up. I hated my BB, and was overjoyed the day I got rid of it. BBM is the only thing from BB that I wish I still had access to.
Wow when do we start porting android 4.0 to make the PlayBook actually awesome
Bizarrely, the US Blackberry store are selling all three models for $299, yet the UK Blackberry store are selling them at £249, £329 and £409 respectively for the 16, 32 and 64 GB models. Strange pricing, but at least the UK pricing has some kind of logic behind it.
Get rid of the awful blackberry os & put some cyanogenmod 9 love onto it
I noticed that as well +Steve Kunzer I agree the prices are more logical however with the sale in the US you would be mad to pay 329 or 409 at the moment.
The playbook OS is actually pretty good if you used it for any amount of time. The way they used gestures works very well. I am very happy with my playbook I got for $100. Don't knock it before you actually try it. With better apps, the device would be much better.
Also, who says they are throwing in the towel? They had a similar sale recently. I don't think they have announced giving up on the device completely.
Why in the world would anyone purchase a 16gb one when the 64gb is the same price?
+Jeffrey Brydges They've made all trim levels the same price - indicating the company is no longer concerned with maintaining its original targets, and is simply trying to push any and all inventory. Pretty much will make it impossible to sell the 32GB/64GB versions for more than $300 at any point after this, which means they're very likely trying to clear out all stock.

This is also the deepest price cut that RIM has given the devices (across the spectrum, not individually) so far. Seems pretty obvious to me that their only concern is moving stagnating, unsold inventory, and when that's the case, it's pretty safe to say a company has given up on a product.
Watching RIM is almost kind of painful now.
Motto made the same mistake with the Xoom and the initial pricing. They need to realize we won't pay a laptop price for 1/4 of the functionality.
Let me know when they are 50 quid...
let me know when they have a 10" screen, and are $99... oh wait...
Dave Vo
Shame, they should had give away the keyboard and set an ecosystem like Apple and Google did, you can't just sell software and keeping secret
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