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sweet, I barely use my 300MB plan, but if I could share my wife's 2GB plan which she only uses about 1GB a month that would be great.
I think it's wise (like the article said) for people who buy tablets.
no matter how they slice it, does not make it any less of a anti consumer scam under the guise of a "deal."
looking forward to Verizon's response. If all devices - including tablets - are not included, the carriers might as well change their logos to a giant Fail Whale.
I think I'll just stick with my +T-Mobile 5GB of 3G/4G (and then throttled) for $30/month. Way better than $10 per item, if you ask me!
Hopefully, when they let us share data between phone(s), tablet(s), hotspot(s), etc, they let us transfer our grandfathered unlimited plans over... Of course with at&t coming out saying they wished they never offered unlimited data in the first place... I doubt it'll happen.
Add Hotspot abilities and raise that to $100+!! Oh Joy!!
...get my 'droid upgraded to 4.x and a good rooting afterwards, then solve that pesky data issue.....
+Jason Gruber You can pretty much forget about that. I'm actually willing to be that the next time everyone goes in to renew their plans (starting with November 2012) that grandfathered plans will go bye bye. They will do what Verizon did with their Nationwide plans where they said if you want a new phone or used device activated, you must agree to these new terms - just like Sprint did with the $10 premium charge on used devices...

Sad but true... Unlimited won't be an option much longer.
That's how they got me with other data charges before. Get a new phone and have to accept a particular data plan. I had one of my data plans grandfathered but not the other. (I have several smart phones). I don't sweat it. I pick the most cost effective and surfe wifi and burn data as I see fit. Until I start chewing data on video services or other data heavy programs then I'm not worried. Having said that, they will eventually go the way of Blockbuster and Netflix and have to bow to unlimited plans based on what other vendors are offering. But AT&T being AT&T will only look at their stock prices and ignore their user base as usual.
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