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NVIDIA and Android Police are giving away three Motorola Photon 4Gs for doing almost nothing!
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I entered. You can close the contest now.
"The Contest is open only to entrants who reside in the United States"... Why?
cause they are meanies too us canada people considering we rock so like we get too miss out all the cool stuff not like i win any how
the photon only works on sprint......why would a Canadian want an american CDMA carrier only phone....
well because there are lots of americans i can pawn it off on for something that would work for me plus if it is unlocked it shouldn't be an issue
i see your first point...but there are very few other networks that sprint phones work on because of the CDMA tach if it was a tmo or att phone...then i completely understand..
i had a sprint version of the nexus s for like 2 weeks before i dropped in a fire
hard too say.... i think it wasn't.... others though, that's a different story
"Hi, Asurion? If I dropped my phone into a fire, is that covered? No? Okay. My phone was stolen, I need a new one."
What do you do when the form automatically submitted itself before you were done filling it out? :(
This would make a great replacement for my evo
I have never seen a "Canada Rocks" t-shirt...plenty of "Blame Canada" shirts though...:)
Waiting to get my Twitter entry in. Twitters being bloody stupid.
Why do you think? It's a US-only phone...
i dont want to activate it. im prepaid only. i just want to use it over wifi. i have an optimus v that i never have service on, but with CM7, groove ip and various other hacks and apps, my phone is the bees knees. i can only imagine what kind of stuff i can do with that hardware.
I would assume the sponsors (like NVIDIA) or the carriers (like Sprint), whoever is actually paying for these things, want to provide the device to people who will use it as a phone, on network. There might even be legal stipulations regarding the devices' use in countries where they aren't approved.
Too bad this is only in the States. I'm crying out at it from Chile :'(
there are not legal stipulations. that is just ridiculous. its a computer with a speaker and a microphone to me. i will use what i get the way i want. its funny how people like to use their property they way they wish.
In some countries, operating a device that has the capability of broadcasting on certain frequencies without a license is illegal, Tony. What if, the frequencies used by Sprint is used for emergency communications in another country? They have no way of being sure you won't turn on that radio. It'd be illegal to use in such a country. For example.
But most likely, I would assume the limitation on release country is from the sponsors of the giveaway that actually paid for these devices, insisting that they are only sold in the market that that particular division of the company markets to. In this case, the United States. It's also possible it is an arbitrary limitation by someone that a prize is better given to someone who can use it to it's fullest extent, and has placed that limitation on Android Police for giving them away.
Do not forget you have no entitlement to free stuff, and that giveaways are marketing endeavors, which generally have marketing goals.
if i got that phone on contract, then lived out the contract, then kept the phone i would be in the same boat. there is nothing fantastic about my proposed use of this device.
In a country where use of that frequency could potentially be illegal, you wouldn't be able to even import the device, theoretically. Try bringing a cell phone jammer here to the States, you can get arrested for it. The fact the device is legal, certified, and tested internationally will not help you. But the more likely case, is what I posted below that theory. Simply put, the people who paid for these devices, in order to give them out, are promoting them in the US, and hence, are only offering them, in the US.
Looking back at your comments, Tony, are you even outside the US? Your Twitter says Michigan. I'm not sure why you're arguing with me, because there's nothing in the contest requiring you actually activate it on Sprint. Just that you have to be in the US to get the device. My comment about legal stipulations you responded to, was in reference to people who did not understand why it was only available in the US.
i thought you were arguing the theoretical situation of myself (a contestant) taking that phone outside of the us.
Well, depending on the country, it could be illegal to import a device into another country. Many cell phones should be fine in most countries, but I would guess it as one possible reason for not offering this to contestants worldwide, though the marketing reasons are much more likely. I suppose only Art knows for realz. ;) Good luck to you, I hope you win the second one, right after I win the first. :P
Why it's again another giveaway only available for US residents? Why there aren't EU events like this?
Oh, for the love of... I am not writing it out again, please read the above pile of theories on why it's US-only.
It's U.S.-only because the phone works to its full capacity only in the U.S. on Sprint. We want the winners to use them to such full capacity, rather than having them sold on eBay to someone in the U.S. or used as a cell-less device.
Us only? :(

I could find many uses for it, even if it was wifi only.
Send it to me so I can mod another phone :)
Feel like this phone will in my hand :)
Shared and I kinda love the moto handsets...... using a moto defy and it is soooo awesome...... this would be a great replacement :)
I never win anything, I hope this time NVIDIA chooses me because I never buy ATI! Always buy nvidia!!!
Zamora si me lo saco te dejo que lo sistemas en tus manos jajaja
It would be a serious plus if I won!! :) 
With Sprint and others changing their annual upgrade policies, this is one way to get hold of an awesome piece of hardware!
I can let the wife and daughter battle it out for the tablet (cuz im so thoughtful) but an Nvidia Tegra2 powered phone belongs to me. Of course i may have to keep both!
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