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Thank you for hosting a copy of the .APK :)
really liking swiftkey 3...not sure if I like it more than swype, but it's a darn good keyboard.
I'm waiting for the official the Beta ver. Expires May 8th ?
I'm trying it out and so far it's really nice on my Note :-)
All I truly want over the current release, is to be able to have corrections like im=>I'm without having to auto complete whatever the current word is. Something the Android and Hacker's keyboards do well.
Cool beans. Really got get used to not using the space bar.
The Tablet Beta has replaced the donate version of ICS Keyboard on my Arc S, hope they do the same as Thumb Keyboard and make the release a joint Phone/Tablet version and allow me to upgrade my Paid version SwiftKey X to the Paid version of SwiftKey 3.
So far, Beta 3 is pretty awesome. The only time it doesn't work is when I'm in landscape mode in Google plus. Kinda odd. :-\
Finally an update that fixes that damn pop up! The Comma returns too.

Still not sure about the auto space fixing with some words as it can get it wrong and it's quite a slow process to fix.

It's also fixed an annoying issue with G+ that made it near impossible to follow a tag with punctuation!
SwiftKey or SlideIT? Can not decide.
SwiftKey by far. Slide it has idiotic predictions. I've used it. Slide it sucks. Might looks decent but that's about it
I wish there was a swiping keyboard with the auto-complete features of Swiftkey. (Or that Swiftkey supported swiping in addition to tapping)
I really hate the voice to text. It not like android keyboard that you can just say a whole paragraph.
+Sebastian Hoffmann I would have thought that the release date would be around the end of this beta, unless a public beta through the Play Store is planned.
Dis beta app consume, lot of my ram memory, battery on my Galaxy SL, waiting a better app wid d fix..
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