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Backing it and looking forward to the final product. Hoping they still hit $50k. Like the way they have been open and up front with all the backers.
re-pledged - still believe in the product, can't wait till it ships
Still confused why they cant put it on Play and get income that way. People pay $4-5 for launchers, many will pay $6-7 for this Id think.
This way they're guaranteed to get paid & don't have to worry about piracy or anything like that.  

If they plan to put 3 months worth of work into it (assuming multiple people working on it like a FT job), they want to make sure they'll get a decent return on their time investment.
If people are willing to pay up front, I don't really see the issue, personally.
Just donated myself, and +Mikel Petty I'm adding you to my android circle solely because we have the same name, and no one spells it like we do, lol.
Backed it over 30k now! Getting that shout out!
I'm changing my name to Mikel
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