Developers, the source for the I/O 2012 app is now open. It's generally one of the best examples of the latest coding paradigms and I'd argue could be better than using many books for perfecting your Android programming skills.

Thanks +Roman Nurik!

iosched$ git push — The I/O 2012 Android app source is now available

The source code for the Google I/O 2012 Android app is now available at!

Every year a few of us Googlers spend a few [really long] weeks preparing an app for the conference. The app serves two primary purposes. The first is, of course, to help conference-goers find their way around Moscone and attend the sessions they find most interesting. The second, and arguably more important purpose of the app, is to serve as an open-source example of the Android team's latest and greatest Android development best-practices.

This year, the app contains tons of best-practice examples, including:

• providing handset/tablet optimized layouts in a single APK
• maintaining compatibility with Android 2.2 and later
• allowing horizontal swiping with action bar tabs
• deep-linking with intents
• loading and caching images
• providing infinitely-scrolling lists (the public Google+ stream component)
• handling multiple-selection with the contextual action bar
• providing interactive app widgets
• using OAuth 2-authenticated Google APIs such as Google+
• using sync adapters and Google Cloud Messaging
• supporting Android Beam
• providing a unique Google TV "lean-back" experience
• and much, much more

So if you're an Android developer, head on over to the open source project at and check it out!

Note: we've temporarily left out a few things, including YouTube integration, the Google +1 button, and the new Google Analytics SDK. Keep an eye out for updates to Google Play services at; we'll be updating the app source code as services become available.
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