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The Flipboard APK has been pulled from the Galaxy S III, a must have for Android users!
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I noticed that it doesn't work too well on tablets.
Currents rocks after the latest updates. This however lets you add your Twitter and Facebook feed into it.
+Manuel Mas oh, cool for FB users I guess. I prefer my twitter in twitter, but yes, there is reason for this app :-)
I agree, the latest update to Currents that resolved the horribly long sync times makes it a worthy competitor against Flipboard. I've got Flipboard loaded and some of the effects are cooler then Currents but that won't be enough to get me to switch. I'm a Google fanboy so if they offer a viable alternative (i.e. Google Drive vs Dropbox) I'll likely go with the Google option.
I love publicly approved piracy.
Its not a paid app therefore no piracy. Do people think before they post anymore?
Unless I'm wrong, Currents doesn't sync with Google Reader does it? Last time I tried it didn't mark the articles as read. Has it changed?
And does Flipboard sync correctly with Reader?
+Ryann Lorenzo Seeing how software piracy is the unauthorized copying of software, regardless if it is charged for or not, then yes I thought about my post before I created it. Unless you were referring to your own post perhaps?
I installed it this morning and besides a very nice looking interface, what does this offer me beyond Pulse Reader? It has to load a website every time I want to read an article and I can't manually control my feeds other than categories.
Have to say, Flipboard may make me use Pocket to read articles later on.
I prefer most of my content from my Google Reader feeds, and this just throws them all together. I will stick with Currents, I like how it handles/presents my Reader content much more then this.

I do like the flipping though. Nice app.
Can't wait till someone ports the SGS3 lockscreen.
Does't work very well on my SGSII with AOKP M5.
works perfectly smooth on my HTC Desire (running stock 4.0.4 though)
+O'Neil Castro have same hardware and ROM as you do. It runs OK with moments of sluggishness.
Running nice on my Thunderbolt. Fast transitions. Not sure if it will replace Taptu, Pulse, Currents, etc. It seems like it's the last app that the iOS crowd were crowing about. Just like instagram, we've always had alternatives, and those alternatives were sometimes a lot better.
Work well with Htc Sensation on stock ICS
I'm finding that it's not syncing all my Facebook posts and missing things in my Twitter feed...anyone else?
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