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I'm not sure they understand how insults work...

Warning: NSFW. Ish.
Copyright infringement is nothing new in the Middle Kingdom. Seems that an Apple fanboy and entrepreneur decided to open an Apple store and show the world that Apple sucks Android. Once again its Chin...
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As far as I understand, that's a fake Apple store that put up that sign, not an Android store. WTF were they thinking?
It's not an insult they're just saying Android dominates Apple.
Proof that Apple sucks and Android gets (a) head.
+Dave Loft A fake Apple store says Android dominates Apple? If that's their goal, then I'm not sure they understand how sales and marketing work.
lmao... I'm a Android fan, but it looks like Apple is taking a bite out of Android... though i see it from all aspects... lmao..
huh! I dont get it...
I want that logo on file!! Am I right in assuming someone opened an android store next to an apple store with the apple logo sucking the cock of the android logo? If my understanding is correct I want the logo :-)!!
It means Make Love, Not War. Hahaha.
+Zolka Bognar , that's what she said! (i'm so sorry, I literally could not stop myself typing that.)
does the pic on the right shows that women are apples ?that's not right.
I read this as competing sides of a store or competing stores...LOL
Lol, this is how they get both sides to start paying attention to Apple
Wait, if I get an iPhone, will Siri...
Yeah +Drew Nusser , if it does that then I might get me an Iphone.... probably te only thing it's good at.
+Drew Nusser Siri is only beta, so I am not sure that you should trust it that much!
So, THAT's how Apple got the idea for the notification bar...
Siri will but not swa.........its on beta
i wish that i could get that response from Apple users
Legendary! Who knows which side they're favouring!!
you cant hide from the truth anymore apple, were not alll stupid ;)
You can see it on the picture that Apple suck Android you know what.
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