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I can has Jelly Beans NOW??? *downloads *
+Android Police Flashed it this morning an my Verizon GN (Toro) and it runs AWESOME!!!!!! 
Dang, I was doing so good with my ROM flashing "problem"... I haven't flashed in over a month and now this. Yea, totally can't resist! Thanks!
I suck at rooting phones and haven't done it successfully since I had my OG Motorola Droid over 2 years ago. I'm in the process of moving and currently don't have a computer with me (just my Transformer Prime and CDMA Galaxy Nexus) Is there any extremely simple way to root my phone without a computer?
+Cody Dean I will be flashing shortly to my Verizon Gnex. Do you see the speed improvements that the hands on mentioned?
+Douglas C. Hill Haven't noticed any lag yet, but then again, I hadn't noticed much before, but I am loving some of the new features!
I just had to get the SIII over the Gnex... -.-
+Darrell Coffey do it for you? It really couldn't be easier to root/flash a phone then the GN with the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit that is available.  Just follow the steps and your done.  
Can these be flashed without root by naming them "" and going to boot loader?
Been running this now for a few hours on my Verizon GN, and this mother is fast! No slow downs, no lag, no hiccups at all! Well, maybe 1 hiccup... WiFi range has been cut in half, but it seems to be an issue with many. Not worried though, I'm sure we'll see a fix later today.

If you have a GN and its not rooted, root now! If you're rooted, go flash this now! Google did one hell of a job with this one boys, and girls. Right out of the gate this will blow your mind!
Yeah. I have a weak stomach. My nook rooting experience didn't turn out so well.
Mat Q
Ha already had Jellybean for about 2 hours already. Love it.
+Darrell Coffey rooting the Galaxy Nexus is very simple, and can be done in just a couple minutes. Go over to xda and just follow the simple instructions. If you need help, many on the site are willing to do so.
Mat Q
+Darrell Coffey the Galaxy Nexus toolkit is the way to go. It's a one click program that'll unlock bootloader, root your Galaxy Nexus, & install ClockworkMod Recovery.
Now comes the question, when will reach the Nexus S?
Damn, I was pretty certain there would be a JB ROM by the weekend, but less than 24 hours later?? Gotta love these devs.
The custom rom developers must be having the time of their lives :D
My flabber is seriously ghasted over here. Flashing this when I get to work!
Running it for a few hours here too. Anyone know of a guide on the new features?
is it like stock or more like a typical nightly ROM with bugs and stability issues ?
It's pulled directly from a backup of one of the I/O Galaxy Nexus devices. I've got it on my GN and haven't run into any problems thus far.
Can't wait to get home and flash!
My Nexus runs a stock rom but with a custom recovery and root. It's an easy process and it's absolutely worth it :) I hate limitations
Jellybean is MUCH more responsive to touch than ICS too. Everything is so smooth.
flashed this morning. So far so good! Very smooth and responsive!
So if you hold the home button and pull up, it brings up this ring where it would seem that you could place apps.  The only thing on it for me is Google Now. Anyone know how to change this?  Either way, it's pretty cool to be able to access GNow no matter what you're doing :-)
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