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JOP40G should be the next Nexus 4 OTA build. That's probably 4.2.2 that we've been waiting for. That's all we have for now.
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B David
Its a start...hope its soon. Wonder what it'll address?
You guys get the best information before anybody else... 
This is the update that I've been waiting for. The issue with the Qualcomm driver forcing data pauses is really starting to get annoying. Hopefully the update adds some more options for lock screen widgets too. 

+Android Police Give us the details when you get them. 
Hopefully 4.2.2 will cure the Wi-Fi issue on 4.2.1.
Any the unholy Nexus 7 lag when using multiple user accounts.
And I'm praying right now, that it doesn't take long.. And that it includes more than one fix.. lays down
and being unable to use Gtalk on more than one account...and hopefully stop the Clock.apk from force closing every 2 minutes
Just to clarify on my earlier post about Wi-Fi issue, I mean on grouper (Nexus 7). I'm not sure if it is a issue on all nexus devices. But I know on Grouper 4.2.1 has some buggy Wi-Fi.

I initially thought maybe a defective unit. Maybe got one with a bad wireless card, but after reading XDA, and came to the conclusion that I don't have a defective unit. 4.2.1 is a wee bit defective.

I have to literally be right next to the router to get anything done. I hope the new version will correct that issue.
Yay. Good. Sweet. ^_^ 
+TJ Benson which android version are you on?

The Wi-Fi works, but not as well as it should. Weak signal strength and the sort. There is nothing wrong with my equipment, I have all commercial grade stuff. Place of business is also my residence.

+Jordan Schnaidt better to suffer together than alone I suppose.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeen? I neeeeeeeds it. Bone stock 4.2 on a Nexus device (a Nexus 4 in particular) should not have as many problems as it does.
+Chin Patel , stock 4.2.1, so nothing special.  I think a lot of the bugs in 4.2.1 are somewhat random/tempermental, because when i first upgraded, it took a real toll on battery life, and now it's as good as ever
I am on AOKP but I had issues with stock as well. We will see what happens.
+Neil Lund It's not only with multiple accounts.  My wife and I each have a Nexus7 and they went from lovely buttery goodness to laggy hell that would stop me from telling people they should get one.  I used to use the N7 a lot during commercials to fill time.  Now I watch TV to fill time waiting for the N7 to load.
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+Chin Patel try to set the "Wi-Fi frequency band" from "Auto" to "2.4 GHz only" or "5 GHz only" (depending on the capabilities of your access point). Signal strength should get much better (it did on my Nexus 4).
If your n7 is laggy and you haven't done a factory reset since upgrading to 4.2.1 unfortunately, I believe it helps...
+Mattias Winbladh on which device? Neither my N4 nor my N7 don't lose the connection to my BT headset or BT enabled car radio. And I even do BT audio stream for about 1h each morning and evening when I travel to work and back home again.
The only issue with BT I have is on the N7 where I have sporadic little gaps in the audio stream (they don't exist on the N4).

+Michael Brosnahan Do you happen to have multiple user accounts on your Nexus 10 or some widgets which do use the location services of the device?
+Mattias Winbladh Have you tried using another bt headset? If you're rooted, do you have the same problems when you're using a 4.2.1 Custom ROM? I assume you already tried a factory reset on your phone...
+Marc Rasmussen The issue is deeper than just disabling location services, and is very real.

I tried all the hints that I could find to avoid the reboots and nothing has worked. That includes, wiping, staying away from the OTA update, disabling location services, not using chrome or currents or notifications... then going with AOKP and cyanogenmod, different kernels, and nothing has been foolproof so far.

The saddest thing is that Google has not even (fully) acknowledged that the issue exists, which is annoying. Maybe if it gets some better media exposure it will force their hand, but I'd hate to think that it has to come to that.

I'm hoping they do the right thing and fix this issue with the next update.
I've a N7 3g model and a Gnex both at 4.2.1 totally stock.. No problem at all neither with WiFi or boot or anything at all.... Am I lucky?
I've got a wifi N7, 4.2.1, no problems either.  Wondering if I'm just lucky as well.
I must confess: I find it difficult to accept that even the Real Smart People at Google could be this indifferent to their customer base.  It's either indifference on a truly epic scale, or it's something else.

In the back of my mind is the nagging thought that no company could truly be this indifferent.  Incompetence alone, both on the part of the developers, and on the part of the Google Device Support staff who, as far as I can tell, are still telling folks who call in to complain about their Nexus 4's that there are no known issues with the phone just can't explain this.

Managerial incompetence, coupled with managerial arrogance maybe could explain how 4.2 was allowed to be released and then remain unfixed for so long.

Something just does not make sense here, unless Google's top management is as completely disengaged from the Nexus device business unit as they appear to be.  I guess that's possible.  You've got to wonder how long that business model is sustainable.

It certainly is puzzling, in any event.
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