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Pfft, who needs an Apple watch when you can have the Google watch powered by Android? All hail the Nexus 4 watch! 

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i have a GALAXY Nexus watch(°ー°)
This becomes more difficult with a Nexus 7.... 
OMG! I dropped my nexus 10 doing this...
I don't have world biggest watch.. but I have worlds 1st watch with an spen on it and running it at 1.6ghz with 2gb ram :p
Sweet! You should probably patent that. :P
I've got an ATRIX HD watch. I don't mean to write it in all caps, its just made that way.
Needs an LED lamp in front so I could use it like the wrist torches in Star Trek: Voyager!
I already have a motoactv, apple late as usual
Who would want such a small watch?
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