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Simply awesome - Simply Applied and Android Police are giving away a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet for doing close to nothing. See the link to enter.
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I need a Samsung Galaxy Tab to go with my Samsung Galaxy S phone!
how the heck do you find your "re-share url"????
Oh man, I LOVE Samsung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Bo Burton click on the "date stamp" for your re-share. That will take you to the permalink or "re-share url".
All done, good luck to everyone :)
sweet device. would love to play with it.
Sweet another give away let's get it going
All 3 Social sites: Done :D, There must be 1 time i will ever win something from Android Police :)
I'd really really really like to win something at least once in my life :D
This would really piss of all the Ipad Maffia.
with the luck im having lately i know i will never win, but here goes nothing
Jon E.
I would love to win this one!
hey +Art Russ, in the countries, why is Romania not listed ? Nor Bulgaria, both are European Union countries.
not really, Romania was never specified in android police contests, i think they just forgot it
Peter A
@Jon actually the lawsuit isn't over, just until it is they can't sell in some European countries. It was most of Europe but that injunction was removed today throughout many countries.
Jay P
Wow Great contest
+Hedley Allen If I win I definitely would place an "Apple" sticker on it and go to the Apple store just to ask the geniuses why I can't access my itunes account with it. :D
this will be a great present to have after my surgery when i'm on bed rest for two weeks
another chance for one lucky person to win the galaxy tab 10.1 :). al the best guys....
Since the wife isn't putting out now days...I'm hoping to win to help distract my attention. :)
take my soul, take my breath & take whatever you need. before that you need to give this AWESOME TABLET.
Crossing my fingers! i will name my next unborn child after you :) Thanks!
Good Luck everyone, but give it to me, I have that illness that only a tablet can cure!!
I'm a pirate with no real way to navigate the seven seas. I NEED this tablet to continue my reign of terror. I'm trying to keep up with the Blackbeards here.
I hope I win this tablet. All steps have been completes. Here's to all of my competitors good luck to ya!
Bill K
Thanks Again
I never win free stuff... but there's always a first time for everything!
I wish there was an android police app
I won the Android 3.0 Application Development Cookbook, now all i need is this samsung galaxy tab to use with it :P eat apples not androids!!! :P
Love Android Police! Art, you're doing an awesome job! I completed all steps of the Giveaway: Google+, Facebook, Twitter, & Tweeting away. :) Love this Honeycomb Tablet! <3
Hey Art, awesome work with Andriod Police man ..... This is where i get most of my info on new apps and LWPs
+Art Russ was my first friend on g+! Great job man, keep the giveaways and contest coming! We all love winning!
There, that's Twitter, FB and G+
Had trouble finding the twitter ID. I hope I win :Z
Well that's a nice one :) If you watch a cartoon PInky and The Brain when you were little then you now what I am about to say - this time i will succed:)
Missed it last time. This time maybe... ;)
This time is the right one. Chills.
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