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We'll title this one simply The Giant Verizon Cluster#$%@.

Problem: There's a new FiOS app related to both Verizon and Verizon Wireless. Which of the two existing publishers do we assign it to?

Solution: Neither. Because having Verizon My Fios, Verizion FiOS Mobile Remote, and Verizion FiOS Mobile isn't confusing enough. To the 3rd publisher it goes.


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They probably make new Vendors each time they forget their password. Lol
This is how bloatware happens.  Bloatware makes the baby 'droidbug cry.  Say no to bloatware.
Reminds me of the Sony preso last night at E3.  Did anyone notice how many CEOs they have?!?!  How does each division get its own CEO, I was cracking up.
i think they have 3 different apps that act as a dvr manager now too haha
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