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Don't worry, an international-friendly version will be coming soon. ;-)
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brazil also : )
we wouldn't mind paying the shipping by the way : )
That would be great, thanks for the opportunity
503 Service Unavailable <---- lol i guess i lose before i even enter
Yea, i finally got it to load... not that i'll win but it let me enter lol
Shared... now gimme! :-)
want, want, want, waaaaaant, WANT, wanty, WANT, WANT
Kyle jo
Mmmm Nexus homer noises.
Isn't the sim free version from the UK international friendly?
Make it a non-spammy giveaway please!
Uber Geek Phone. Please make me an Uber Geek.
Cant wait till I win this.. >;)
waiting desperately for international version contest...thanks AP
I love these contests, did I mention that?
Woot... hope I can pull it out
I've been waiting for a Nexus device on Verizon since I had my OG Droid. I like my Bionic...but I'd ditch it for this in a heartbeat. I will be getting this phone at some point; I just have to finish saving for it.
Lookin for some ICS & LTE...
I've been waiting forever for this phone. Would be awesome to win around Christmas time
Thanks for the constant opportunities!
I'm SO entering. I've never had a phone and I need one.
I want ice cream! with cherries and whip cream. GOD HELP YOU IF YOU FORGET THE SPRINKLES!!!!!!!
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