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Would love a transformer prime:)
All done bar FB, good luck all :)
Shared, some reason that raffle copter doesn't let me paste any of my url's or twitter name
+Scott Yates Yeah I couldn't paste the G+ re-share URL so I took a screen shot and uploaded it to imgur and pasted that URL. I hope it works!
AndroidPolice is super awesome.
Yup. Hoping I win. Either way, I'll walk away with a Transformer Prime. If I win the Prime, I walk away with it happily. If I win the Galaxy, I sell it and use the money to get a prime and walk away happy. Not that I DON'T want a Galaxy..but I already have a phone, and have a need for a tablet.
This HTC Desire I am stuck with is 2 years old and showing signs of it........ #justsayin :)
I love you guys I will love you more if I win tho
Please help me win this time... :(

The GNex is not coming to my country till March :-/
:-) Nice. Did u hear the push out of the 32GB GSM version was scrapped by Samsung. No biggy i guess, thats what the cloud is for.
Thanks for this Giveaway! Please count me in Dude..
Thanks for this great Giveaway. :)
Shared and hoping for a good luck this time... :))
james p
Wonderful giveaway! Thanks.
Shared and hoping for a good luck this time.
What is this twitter and Facebook thing it Mentions? Too much faff...
Tom Plx
I'm here too, good luck to everyone :)
I want a Transformer Prime..but a Nexus would be cool too lol
I would just love to win anything from these.... these products are just too cool
I wanna win! ^ son I want that Prime :P
Just entered crossing fingers
This is my only chance to getting one of these.
I have faith , I just finished !!
Finger's crossed. All the best everyone.
yeah want to win something cool please!
Finally, I have a chance at some of these great prizes...... here's hoping! ;o)
ku ki
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