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José Sá
Getting tired of this system. I feel i'm spamming everyone and as I don't like to be spammed I'm out on this one.

Please get a better way of choosing a winner that not involves spamming. Thank you.
+Robin De Becker The Contest is open only to entrants who reside in the United States (does not include U.S. Territories or Outlying Islands). ;)

Im guessing the phones they put on will be only for US residents. (Due to the fact they or on Sprint, AT&T etc.) Who cares though, they have plenty of free things for us European (or Intl) people ;)
yeah, can we have a competition that does not involve having to spam everyone?
We have a whole array of contests that just ask for a comment as well as those open to international folks going on as well.
where's the information on open for international folks?
but what is the crossover? contests that are international that do not require we spam the heck out of our friends? :D
Uhhh I need one more I don't have a cell phone! :(
hmm..hope i entered this right :S would be sweet to win 1 of these bad boys!!!
I have a -T--Mobile & want an EVO.....EVO VS -T--Mobile....hmmmm
Hear Hear. And please also remember that some of us are on the "other" national GSM provider, so the atrix is worthless to us (except maybe as an ebay sale item so we can get a phone that would work well on our provider's network.)
Steven Sauls - That's me also!
Far Han
interesting i want in
In time for Christmas! I did it all as I am ready to win :)
In the grand scheme of things, this is just a very cheap way of creating mail lists. So everyone be prepared to be inundated with more related and not so related products as your information is gathered/compiled and resold... Happy Holidays.
I did everything! Hook me up please! :)
Of course! Best country in the world buddy!
+Joe Vallee We don't sell anyone's email, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ information. Given the terms of our contest, that would be unlawful, and we very much respect the privacy of others. Please don't make unsubstantiated claims simply because you feel certain that your highly valuable and obviously irreplaceable email address must be going to the highest bidder whenever you submit it anywhere on the web.
I'm so compiling a list of everyone's 32x32px mugshots in the G+ comments and selling them off to face-fetishists.
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